Friday, January 10, 2020

FOIA Confirms Misconduct at the IRS in its Oversight of Christian Pressure Groups

Focus on the Family is deemed a church by the Internal Revenue Service. This designation makes the organization virtually audit-proof. Moreover, Focus on the Family is relieved of the requirement to file an annual report (form 990 available for public inspection) with the Service. We all subsidize FoF but we are denied transparency.

I have the documents (via a FOIA request).I will get into the specifics of how Focus applied to be designated as a church. First, let me state some important facts:
  1. Focus on the Family does not qualify to be designated a church. Among the requirements are members who are not members of other churches, ordained ministers selected after completing a course of study, operation of a Sunday school, an organization of ordained ministers and other qualifications. Focus on the Family does not conform to these prerequisites.
  2. The self-righteous toads at Focus on the Family knew that they did not qualify. This was a dishonest endeavor.
  3. Christian privilege prevails at the Internal Revenue Service. People at the Service — with a wink and a nod — approved this application in spite of obvious deficiencies.
On what basis did Focus on the Family apply?
The short answer is that Focus claimed that its routine prayer sessions for staff makes them a church. The IRS staff are either profoundly stupid or complicit.

Readers of this blog know that the Service made a similar designation with Liberty Counsel which is deemed a church auxiliary. In their application, they admitted that they do not qualify. Someone at the Service is — again — either an idiot or complicit.

I am vigorously pursuing both of these. Perhaps, due to my background, I think that this is more important than it really is. Perhaps not.

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