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Hate group cannot cope with Pete Buttigieg

Support for Pete Buttigieg is apparently part of an anti-Christian conspiracy.
Pete Buttigieg
via Los Angeles Times
Two of American Family Association's witless propagandists were necessary to write: Ditching the Bible, hopping on a plane, for 'Mayor Pete.' According to the hate group's Billy Davis and Steve Jordahl:
A far-left presidential candidate is getting a lot of support from millennials – including from some evangelical homes.
“Far-left?” Presumably that is a reflection of the fact that Mayor Buttigieg is gay. However, he is quite moderate. Buttigieg is also a practicing Christian. We must always remember that most Christians (including Christian clergy) disagree with the characterization of gay people promoted by AFA, an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

Mayor Buttigieg is probably not going to be the Democratic Party's nominee. Nevertheless, he is very impressive. In debates Buttigieg has been extremely quick and articulate. He is obviously a very smart guy, having been a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Buttigieg has also served his country as a Naval intelligence officer.

An extraordinarily smart young (37) guy scares the living crap out of the Christian supremacists. “Mayor Pete” is a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.
Enter Paul Kengor
Professor Paul Kengor, who teaches political science at Grove City College, has witnessed left-wing college classes transform what he calls a “solid, Bible-believing, evangelical kid” into an “LGBTQ-crusading leftist.”

“All it takes is two or three semesters at these colleges,” he tells OneNewsNow.
Mr. Kengor is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. As Richard Dawkins has eloquently stated:
Religious fanatics want people to switch off their own minds, ignore the evidence, and blindly follow a holy book based upon private 'revelation.'
Kengor considers our most elite colleges to be left-wing indoctrination camps. The reality is that most college kids experience an increase in intellectual curiosity and a comparable improvement in critical thinking skills.

Faith is based on, and probably caused by, a lack of evidence. The ancient texts are an effort to explain what could not be understood. Literalist religionists accept those texts as the inerrant word of their god. The majority of people of faith recognize that scripture is a reflection of the times in which it was written.

Of course there is always the option of sending kids to Christian colleges which really are indoctrination camps. Allow me to quote Richard Dawkins again:
If it's really true, that the museum at Liberty University has dinosaur fossils which are labelled as being 3000 years old, then that is an educational disgrace. It is debauching the whole idea of a university, and I would strongly encourage any members of Liberty University who may be here... to leave and go to a proper university.
Yeah, it's really true. Liberty U's Creation Hall Museum includes a real mammoth tusk, fossil allosaur ribs and a fossil of a large dinosaur thigh bone. The folks at LU are Young Earth Creationists. The allosaur, a lizard, lived 155 to 145 million years ago during the late Jurassic period. According to Jonathan Falwell, ““Liberty University will always hold to the truth accounted in Genesis.”” And you wonder why college kids come to their senses?

AFA's narrative continues:
Kengor … recently witnessed that transformation when the daughter of a close friend jumped on a plane and went to Iowa, where she campaigned for Pete Buttigieg, who is now South Bend's ex-mayor as of January 1.
Kengor's consternation is based entirely on the fact that Buttigieg is gay. Later on:
Kengor says the young lady's political choices surprised him because he knew her to have conservative evangelical values that are at odds with every policy position of the mayor of South Bend – or at least she once did.

“She was valedictorian of our classical Christian school, went to our church,” he says of the student, who is now at an Ivy League college.
Kengor seems to be an orthodox Catholic who implies that he is an evangelical Protestant. I would argue that one can even be a conservative Christian and still have a scientific understanding of sexual orientation. Kengor doesn't cite any policy differences. Kengor doesn't approve of Pete Buttigieg's sexual orientation.

Later on, the nitwits at American Family Association remove any ambiguity:
The world's three largest religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam --condemn homosexuality as a sinful act and certainly don't condone same-sex marriage, and the issue has divided even more liberal denominations such as Presbyterians, Methodists, and Episcopalians.
That is a lie. Only Hassidim (about 5% of Jews) do not accept LGBTQ people and same-sex marriage. Yet, even they have a diversity of opinion. If Keith Ellison is any indicator of Islamic practice in the United States, he was vice-chair of the Congressional Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Caucus. American Family Association is not representative of Christian belief in the United States.
One more fib:
Kengor says a further conversation with the young woman's father was even more confusing: the daughter supports Buttigieg because he’s a homosexual who is “married” to another man.

“That's the primary reason why she and others like her are campaigning for him,” Kengor says of the teen, “because they want a gay, married man to be president of the United States."
I find that very hard to believe. People are attracted to Buttigieg because he is extremely smart and articulate. He holds policy positions that are attractive to many people. I think that young woman (if she exists at all) believes that Buttigieg's sexuality is irrelevant to his candidacy.

I would vote for one of Liberty U's fossils. Anything but Trump. If our next president is a Democrat (it all depends on turnout) then it is highly possible that Pete Buttigieg could wind up with an important position in the administration. He is likely to be more competent than any of Trump's lackies. Nevertheless, the hate mongers will go batshit crazier than they already are. Popcorn futures will soar!

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