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Heyer the Liar Claims that the Care of Trans Kids is Inadequate

“Aside from his lack of applicable experience and training, Walt Heyer seems to be batshit crazy.”
Walt Heyer
Ex-trans crackpot Walt Heyer
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The greatest problem that transgender and gender nonconforming kids face is the dishonesty of religious conservatives who pretend that transgender people do not exist. Walt Heyer is one of those religious conservatives.

Monday, Heyer writes: In The Past 5 Years, The Transgender Explosion Has Wounded More And More People. The meta-tag (what you see at the top of your browser) reads: “What This Former Trans Man Learned In 5 Years About Trans Politics.” The subtitle reads:
What’s changed in the last five years is the explosion in the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria and the lack of help for them.
Heyer claims that his experience provides him with wisdom:
Five years ago, I started writing about gender identity and the harm of gender change not because I was a psychiatrist, college professor, or some extraordinarily brilliant guy, but because of living it. I underwent the full physical surgery from male to female at age 42, lived as “Laura Jensen” for eight years, then came to realize my unresolved childhood trauma drove the overwhelming desire to escape into another gender.-
Let us take this one turd at a time. A decade ago, the prevailing wisdom from the medical community was for parents to do everything possible to prevent children with gender dysphoria (then “gender identity disorder”) from transitioning.
The hope was that early treatment would “diminish the risk of a continuation of gender identity disorder into adulthood” — in other words, make children stop being transgender. Transgender youth during this time suffered high rates of depression and anxiety. By young adulthood, nearly half had attempted suicide.

Dr. Jack Turban, 2017, then with Yale, 
now at Harvard Medical School
The net effect of the change in the treatment protocol is that children in distress are transitioning earlier. That nearly all of these kids would have eventually transitioned (if they did not kill themselves first) is a reasonable hypothesis. The persistence of the condition reflects its severity.

The “help” that Heyer says is missing is some form of gender conversion therapy that is ineffective and extremely toxic. If you want to kill kids, subject them to therapy designed to change their gender identity.

Then there is Heyer's experience. Heyer had gender confirming surgery about 38 years ago. Moreover, as he concedes, he did a midlife transition which is atypical. What Heyer doesn't say, what he previously asserted is that he “finally experienced restoration and healing from the transgender lifestyle after he embraced a relationship with Jesus Christ.” That “relationship” was discovered in the late 1980s.

Heyer has turned his Christianity into an attention magnet and, presumably, an income. Heyer's experience is wholly inapplicable to gender dysphoric children today. Furthermore, there is no evidence that childhood abuse causes gender dysphoria. One would have to have a belief to the contrary and then further believe that this caused the onset of the condition 30 years later. On top of all of that, one would have to believe that religion has some effect on gender identity.

The bottom line to all of this is that Mr. Heyer does not possess any special knowledge. He is in no position to give advice to anyone else. Heyer eventually writes:
I feel compelled to share this hope with others by writing and speaking out against the lie that “regret is rare” and to expose the lies of the sex change movement from an insider’s perspective.
There are some links in the above that I did not bother with. They are to other Heyer polemics at religious outlets. Heyer never cites evidence to support any of his claims. Heyer does have an “insiders perspective.” It applies to middle aged men who transitioned nearly 40 years ago and then found religion. That encompasses a broad swath of humanity. Right?

Regret? Many kids outgrow gender dysphoria. Again, persistence is a function of severity and those kids who do outgrow the condition are highly unlikely to have transitioned in the first place. Overall desistance rates are probably less than 1%. Most trans people do not have surgery. However, recent studies demonstrate that, for example, satisfaction with gender confirmation surgery (based on quality of life) is extremely high.

When it comes to quality of life, transgender people face considerable social anxiety. Most of that stems from people like Mr. Heyer and other religious conservatives who believe that the existence of transgender people creates a conflict with scripture. These are like the Mafiosi who create problems and then offer bad solutions.

Mr. Heyer thinks a great deal of Mr. Heyer:
Real Help for Trans People Has Evaporated

Five years ago, my first article…gave background and advice that still stands. Children might identify as the opposite gender due to co-existing disorders or a history of abuse. I advised parents to work with a professional to identify the cause of the stress and cautioned them to avoid any professional who advocates for gender change. I assured parents that they are in the best position to identify the root cause of their child’s distress.
Who cares what Heyer thinks? Walt Heyer has neither the experience not training to be authoritative. No medical professional “advocates for gender change.”

First of all, were gender change possible there would be no transgender people. Heyer means professionals who conform the official position of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A great way to find a suitable professional is to find the dumb schmucks who oppose their own professional societies. The AAP and the American Psychiatric Association recommend the gender-affirming care model.

The dissenters are easy to find. Just use membership in the Catholic Medical Society or the Christian Medical Association. Those are the witch doctors who practice faith-based medicine rather than evidence-based science. Any physician who would favor religious dogma over medical science is no longer a real doctor.

Gender-affirming care means, at the outset, allowing children to explore their sexuality. If they seek to transition because that relieves their distress, so be it. There is no reason to force a child to suffer. Some kids will experience fluidity. Many, if left alone, will outgrow the condition.

What Heyer and other religious conservatives are trying to do is to steer parents away from the true professionals who have the training to really help their kids. This is not out of concern for children. This is out of concern for religious beliefs.

Every time I see some nitwit claiming that their religious counselor can discover the root cause of gender dysphoria, I want to chew on my keyboard. It is utter nonsense. It is the same bullshit that they have used for years in regards to sexual orientation. If only given the chance, they can figure out why someone is gay (blame the parents usually works). Then they can “cure” them with conversion therapy. It is religious pseudo-science. The only reason that these things exist is to justify persecution and discrimination.

As if to prove my point:
Now parents tell me that finding a therapist who doesn’t advocate for gender change is almost impossible. Sixteen states and innumerable cities have outlawed counseling for children that dares to explore the cause of the gender distress.
What is outlawed is gender conversion therapy and for good reasons. There is no scientific basis for what is crackpottery and it is extremely harmful. Why would any parent consult with a know-nothing like Heyer? Aside from his lack of applicable experience and training, Walt Heyer seems to be batshit crazy.

More proof:
Parents, do not take your children to “gender clinics.” Gender clinics exclude any option except transgenderism. They hand out powerful cross-sex hormones like Halloween candy to anyone who knocks at the door. Surgeons stand ready to carve up the bodies of young people, performing double mastectomies on healthy girls as young as 13 and refashioning the genitalia of teenage boys, channeling Doctor Frankenstein. The negative outcomes do not matter to them.
Gender clinics are within respected research hospitals. They specialize in the treatment of transgender and gender nonconforming children. Staff have unique expertise. What Heyer is saying makes as much sense as telling parents of children with hearing difficulties not to see an ENT because they might recommend hearing aids.

Heyer is a pathological liar. Clinics do not exclude treatment options and they certainly do not “hand out powerful cross-sex hormones like Halloween candy to anyone who knocks at the door.” Aside from the fact that parental consent is required these are highly trained and dedicated doctors who, above all else, care about kids. Furthermore, the 13-year-old mastectomy is a myth. Furthermore, WPATH recommends that people should reach majority age before considering surgery.

Again, this rhetoric is aimed at steering people away from the real experts. Parents need to decide if their kids deserve the best that medical science has to offer or faith-based nonsense.

Heyer indulges in numerous stories of people who have supposedly contacted him. If anyone contacts Heyer, think about the kind of person who would do so.

According to Walt Heyer, many people are involved in the conspiracy to supposedly ruin children's lives.
Public schools and universities loom large as contributors to the boom in gender transition among youth.
Explosion in Trans Identification and Media Attention
Do not surrender to the trans madness. I witness too many people with too much unhappiness after a gender transition.
And so on. The simple truth is that gender is not subject to influence. They are re-tooling the old nonsense that gay people recruit children. Now it's not just LGBTQ people who do the recruiting. They are doctors, the media, research universities, medical centers, medical schools and who knows what else. It is a gigantic conspiracy.

Might as well try to sell a book:
I have written books to help people learn about the regret of transitioning. …
Heyer adores people who write about his favorite subject — Walt Heyer:
Writer Stella Morabito asks: “Can you imagine what it must be like to tell a therapist of your experience being abused as a child, which you offer as a possible explanation for your dysphoria …?”
Heyer writes about Heyer too:
My attempt to shine a light on the ongoing wreckage on vulnerable people, especially children, due to the rampant practice of mutilating people’s bodies to match the error in their self-perception has resulted in more than 50 articles published over the last five years …
That's about ten pieces of utter bullshit per year. Again, Heyer knows nothing about either gender dysphoria or transgender people outside of his own unique experience. How many people have gender confirmation surgery at the age of 42? Claiming that his condition was caused by child abuse is an attempt to blame someone. Anyone.

More Heyer:
The purpose of my website … is to provide hope and resources to anyone who wants them and offer a listening ear to those in distress—the thousands of people who transitioned, found it wasn’t for them, and want their “true self” back.
“Thousands?” Heyer has no clue. Walt Heyer wants two things: Attention and income. He has even formed Walt Heyer ministries to promote, … Walt Heyer:
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The only reason I do this is to provide a different search result. If people are remotely interested in what this is all about, they might come to the realization that Walt Heyer, a pathological liar, is only interested in Walt Heyer.

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