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The Batshit Detransition Campaign

Religious activists are exaggerating transgender desistance as a means of discrediting transgender people.
Walt Heyer now has a UK counterpart in Charlie Evans. Both have turned so-called transition regret into self-promoted enterprises designed to furnish marginally intelligent people with an income while promoting religious doctrine.

Both claim to know hundreds of people who wish that they had never transitioned. Both are especially energized by people who have had gender confirmation surgery. Both suggest that people were influenced by others into transitioning. Both suggest that transgender people transitioned in a state of temporary confusion. Both are essentially claiming that transgender individuals are irresponsible.

Both exaggerate the prevalence of transgender desistance. Both exaggerate the consequences of medical transition while paying no attention to the consequences of not transitioning.

In a SkyNews interview, Evans said:
I'm in communication with 19- and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn't, and their dysphoria hasn't been relieved, they don't feel better for it. They don't know what their options are now.
Mr. Heyer and Ms. Evans are both full of crap. I do not know what the protocol is in the UK but in the United States it is quite difficult to qualify for gender confirmation surgery, a process that requires a minimum of one year, usually longer.
  • Both the hospital and the surgeon have to be convinced that the surgery is in the best interests of the patient.
  • The patient must provide a recommendation from a qualified behavioral health therapist that they have been seeing regularly.
  • The patient must provide a recommendation from another therapist that they have not previously seen.
  • A minimum of one year “real life experience,” living as one's gender, is required.
Do people desist? Sure but it is not nearly as pervasive as these two people are promoting for their own interests. Most people who do detransition do so temporarily. The best information that we have comes from a 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality. Hopefully things have improved over the last four plus years. According to the survey:
  • Thirteen percent (13%) of respondents reported that one or more professionals, such as a psychologist, counselor, or religious advisor, tried to stop them from being transgender.
  • Eight percent (8%) of respondents had de-transitioned temporarily or permanently at some point, meaning that they went back to living as the gender they were thought to be at birth for a period of time.
  • The majority of respondents who de-transitioned did so only temporarily, and 62% were currently living full time in a gender different than the one they were thought to be at birth.
  • Respondents who de-transitioned cited a number of reasons for doing so, including facing too much harassment or discrimination after they began transitioning (31%), having trouble getting a job (29%), or pressure from a parent (36%), spouse (18%), or other family members (26%).
The percentages in the last bullet point overlap. However, the survey goes on to say that only 5% of those who had de-transitioned reported that they had done so because they realized that gender transition was not for them, representing just 0.4% of the overall sample.

Less that a half percent of the half percent of the population that is transgender desist because the come to realize that their gender identity more closely aligns with their natal sex.

The bottom line is that people transition to mitigate the symptoms of gender dysphoria which usually consist of anxiety and depression. People who detransition do so — not because of anything related to their gender identity — but because of persecution. Mr. Heyer and Ms. Evans (for religious and economic reasons) are encouraging that persecution.

Someone by the name of Robyn Dolgin cannot construct a coherent sentence but she serves as a source of anti-transgender mythology based upon hyperbolic claims of detransitioning.

Dolgin writes: More and more ‘transgender’ people regret surgery, want to return to a normal life. Aside from the “normal life” stupidity (normal for transgender people is presenting as their gender identity), Dolgin has no data to support “more and more,” whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

The subtitle of this rhetorical disaster reads:
LGBT advocates are continuing their campaign to ostracize 'transgender' people who want their appearance once again to reflect their sex.
Dolgin has no evidence to support that claim. In point of fact, no one cares. Desisted transgender people do not pose a threat to anyone. Heyer and Evans, on the other hand, are purveyors of misinformation and stigma out of self-interest. They are liars and they receive far less opprobrium than they are due.

Rinse — Repeat:
It is a startling reaction, but LGBT advocates are continuing their campaign to ostracize "transgender" people who want their appearance once again to reflect their sex.
Robyn Dolgin does not provide a link to this supposed campaign. No one that I am aware of has expressed disapproval of trans desisters. One reason for that is that there aren't a whole hell of a lot of them.
Charlie Evans fits the profile of a "former transgender" who felt shunned by LGBT members and was labeled a "traitor." She naively set out to help teenagers avoid making the same "horrendous mistakes" she had made when starting to "transition" at age 17.
No one cares! This is recycled “ex-gay” BS. “Traitor?” Who, when and where? This is self-promoting nonsense and Robyn Dolgin is too stupid to employ some critical thinking.

The ex-gay cycle repeats itself. No gay person gives a rat's ass about someone claiming to have gone from gay to straight (usually because they got religion). However, when they attempt to claim that Jesus or Moses or Allah, along with conversion therapy, can make people heterosexual that will be challenged with scientific realities.

Robyn Dolgin has the curiosity of my bluetooth mouse:
The floodgates to this bizarre phenomenon opened in the aftermath of Evans appearing on a popular cable program, Sky News, in the United Kingdom. Hundreds of "former transsexuals" who (also) "feel like a social contagion," says Evans, had contacted her wanting to do the same thing.

Evans further enraged leftists by founding a nonprofit that recognizes the extent of the problem spelled out in its name, "Detransition Advocacy Network," in England.
How exactly does one contact Evans? How did these hundreds of people connect with her? Detransition Advocacy Network has three appearances on the web: Twitter and two crowdfunding sites.

Figure out what this paragraph means:
Pulling back the curtain on Evans's regrets, and those of others like her, couldn't come at a worse time for the LGBT community. They literally can't afford to have hundreds of "retransitioning" transsexuals come between them and their dream of getting more taxpayers to foot the bill for so-called sex change procedures.
If all of these people are desisting then there is less demand for surgery. Right? What Dolgin is really trying to promoted is the ridiculous notion that an exaggerated number of people who desist discredit transgender persons — somehow. That, in turn, means that gender confirmation surgery is, somehow, discredited as well.

I dare you to figure out the following paragraph. My gibberish-to-English software failed:
Apparently, "former transsexuals" fail to fit their romanticized narrative on how to achieve "gender inclusivity." Leftist advocates can't be bothered with examining the tragic details of devastated health and ruined lives of transsexuals, but rather must stick with their ideology foisted on the public.
99.6% of transgender people (if that 2015 survey is valid) are most comfortable presenting as their gender identity. Being transgender is not an ideology or doctrine. Rather it is a way of mitigating the effects of a medical condition. As a gay man I cannot speak for the transgender community. However, I am quite certain that, on the whole, they are unconcerned about people who desist.

Later on:
Massachusetts's former governor Deval Patrick successfully forced taxpayers to subsidize sex-obscuring surgery by expanding Medicaid coverage. Why stop there? Gov. Patrick was lauded by leftists for his state's unprecedented "significant advances" in health care legislation: that translates to mean he has targeted the deepest pockets in the medical insurance industry.
What on earth is “sex-obscuring surgery?” Medicaid has absolutely nothing to with the medical insurance industry (and I am ignoring the tortured grammar).
Private health care insurers are now prohibited from denying the claims of members who are suffering from sexual dysphoria and undergoing "sex change" operations, according to the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.
WTF is “sexual dysphoria?” Fully-insured plans are prohibited from excluding transition care according to WPATH standards. They are not prohibited from adjusting their rates accordingly.

Most corporate plans are fully-insured. Most union plans are self-insured and do not have to comply. Regardless of required insurance, most large companies already include transition care in the plans that they purchase for employees.

What is the point of all this?

  1. Insurance covers the treatment costs associated with medical conditions. 
  2. Gender dysphoria is a medical condition. 
  3. Why should insurance not cover the costs associated with treating gender dysphoria? 

Because the existence of transgender people conflicts with Christian scripture? Does that make any sense at all?

Apparently Robyn Dolgin does not believe — in spite of a mountain of research going back over 100 years — that gender dysphoria is a real condition that requires treatment. Perhaps she is wed to the notion that there is some form of gender conversion therapy that is safe and effective. (There is not.)

She drones on:
This is the tip of the subsidy iceberg. Oregon and California have led the campaign to offer Medicaid and Medicare (respectively) funds for sex-obscuring procedures.
Huh? States have no authority over Medicare funds. There aren't all that many transgender people to begin with and most do not want surgery. What is this diatribe all about?

Senior citizens?
Now even elderly patients can opt for gender-related health care coverage through Medicare. (Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, according to the government website.)
I wouldn't count on much demand from the 65+ crowd. I also wouldn't count on much of a taxpayer revolt:
Taxpayers need to question more than subsidies for sex-obscuring operations; they need to ask whether their politicians are keeping up with serious and lasting risks of transgender procedures.
She has made up a meaningless term in “sex-obscuring [whatever].” She is obviously factually ignorant. The risks of not treating gender dysphoria are far greater than any risks associated with the gender-affirming care recommended by most medical associations.

Overall, transgender care, including surgery, is a minuscule drop in the bucket. It is statistically irrelevant.
One physician in Los Angeles addressed the obvious but rarely discussed "dangerous" pre-treatment and surgical regimen. "A patient administered high doses of sex-change [sic] hormones must factor in the potentially catastrophic effects of totally disrupting the body's normal physiologic function," he says. The FDA has already received 24,000 reports of adverse reactions to cross-sex hormones, which now include puberty-blockers for children who "identify" as the opposite sex.
I have no idea who that “one physician” is and I cannot find the source of that quote. No endocrinologist of any stature would refer to cross-sex hormones as “sex-change hormones.” If, for no other reason, they don't change a person's sex. Puberty blockers are not a cross-sex hormone. A little research and this woman might not look so stupid.

By the way, 13 months after availability, there were 522 deaths reported due to, … Viagra. Fucked to death? Adverse reactions are greater than 2%. That works out to about 400,000 adverse reactions and I have not considered some of the other boner pills.
Mounting clinical evidence reveals the fallacy of the "rainbow dream" to safely "transition." That means gender ideology cannot save transsexuals who are now suffering from ruined health and experiencing more serious health disorders (including cancer, diabetes, severe osteoporosis, etc.)
I have to stop here. Needless to say, she does not provide evidence of “mounting clinical evidence.”

When it comes to regret, one of the things that I often hear from transgender adults is that they wish that they had transitioned years earlier. The would have suffered less and their presentation would be better.

If any researcher needs a model for minority stress it exists among transgender people. Transitioning improves the health of people with acute gender dysphoria. Minority stress has adverse mental health consequences.

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