Monday, February 10, 2020

David Lane's Divide and Conquer Stupidity

The creepy Christian nationalist and Christian supremacist invents a war.
David Lane
According to David Lane: Two Religions Are Fighting for Control of America—Which Will Win? Lane, you may recall, is a creepy Christian nationalist, Christian supremacist and Republican operative. Lane is also extraordinarily dishonest.

As you probably guessed, the two religions Lane is referring to are Christianity and secularism.

Lane's secular “enemy” consists of those folks who believe that the United States of America should be governed in accordance with the Constitution; including the Establishment Clause within the First Amendment.

Many of those secular people are, in point of fact, devout Christians, Jews, Muslims and so on. We are a secular society and have been since our very founding.

Secularism is not a religion. Lane provides a simplistic, intellectually dishonest comparison in order to make an argument. Two religions are not in conflict.

The conflict is best described as a disagreement in doctrine. Lane's minority group believes, contrary to the Constitution, that America should be governed as a Christian nation. It's the Christian version of Iran. Secularists are actually “constitutionalists.”

Lane is quite explicit about his notion of Christian supremacy:
The real battle is spiritual. Two distinct religions are vying for control of the public square: eternal and immutable Christianity versus transient and mutable secularism. These two distinct religions cannot coexist; one will ultimately end in the destruction, as a consequence of the elevation of the other.
The above is a dishonest argument. The Constitution will continue to protect Mr. Lane and others who harbor his views no matter how much they conflict with American values and culture.

Lane needs to convince people that a war is in progress. This is a means of persuading them to vote for people whom Lane approves of.

Lane is a Republican operative as much as he is a Christianist:
Democrats seem to have trouble getting it. Ominously inflated coverage of alleged Russian collusion; pretentiously rhetorical articles of impeachment by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler; and Bernie Sanders' explicit calls for socialism, open borders, criminals voting from jail cells and so on have placed the Democrat Party in an awkward corner.
Again, Mr. Lane is dishonest. Mr. Trump has obviously misbehaved. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler were remarkably restrained under the circumstances.

Bernie Sanders has every right to call himself a Democratic Socialist. He is not a socialist, by the way, because that requires the government to seize the means of production. No one — no one — advocates for open borders. Nor for that matter is there any real effort to allow incarcerated people to vote? Not that I am aware of.

In other words, David Lane is full of crap.
As one of the most liberal members of U.S. Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the representative of America's most liberal congressional district, which comprises 80% of the city and county of San Francisco.
When Christian conservatives mention San Francisco it is often code for LGBTQ people. I am giving Mr. Lane a generous drivelectomy but he gets to the inevitable point:
In 2012, she placed herself in defiance of hierarchical Catholic Church doctrine on LGBT issues, asserting that her position grows from, and reflects, her own Catholic faith. Whereas Roman Catholicism defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman,
Pelosi does something that Lane is wholly unable to comprehend. Madame Speaker is an observant Catholic and a secular elected official which is precisely what our Constitution intended.

One of the words that never appears in the Constitution is “god” and the only reference to religion is that there must not be a religious test to hold public office. Mr. Lane is unwilling — or, perhaps, unable — to accept those realities.
Us vs. them
An enemy invasion has occurred. While from no human adversary, a hostile, irresistible force is advancing and all attempts to check it to this point have failed because Jehovah God is not [yet] in the equation.
In the above, Lane is referring to people who are not slaves to religious dogma. They are, according to Lane, a hostile enemy. The real enemy of American values, culture and constitutional principle is David Lane and his ilk. In addition to his deviancy, Lane lives to sow division; to create conflict where none should exist. Mr. Lane is a sociopath.

Who is “our?”
It is our firm belief that if Christian ministries don't band together over the next 10 years to oppose and overturn carnal, pagan, public inculcation of America's youth, America is about to learn something that can be learned in no other way. Our children and grandchildren will pay a grisly price for our spiritual apathy and indifference.
Lane is referring to LGBTQ equality. Lane believes that LGBTQ people turn kids gay or trans and that sexuality is a choice. Otherwise Mr. Lane, a Christian literalist, is unable to reconcile his extreme religious beliefs with the fact that his deity made people exactly the way that they are.
In his monumental six-volume work The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, published between 1776 and 1789, Edward Gibbon described the five signs and symptoms of the decaying Roman culture:
I won't bother you with all of Lane's “five signs” because they are all wrong. The correct title, by the way, is The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

I confess that I have not read all six volumes. However, Gibbon assigns blame for the fall of the empire to Christians because they lived according to beliefs about their lives after death. This, in turn, deteriorated “civic virtue” which has nothing to do with morality.

Why invest in an aqueduct or public roads when your real life is experienced after you die?

Gibbon's view of virtue is consistent with those of Machiavelli. Real virtue is free of Christian ethics. It inspires innovation. Civic virtue is best established through great works; actions for the common good.

Today, our civic virtue is in great decline due, in part, to people like Mr. Lane. Christian-enabled Republicans refuse to invest, for example, in our infrastructure. Instead, they are consumed with reducing taxes; not paying their fair share.

One of David Lane's false conclusions derived from Edward Gibbon's History is “Obsession with sex and perversions of sex.” It seems to me that conservative Christians are obsessed with the sexuality of about 5% of the population and this obsession infects our government.

For example, a number of states are considering laws that outlaw pediatric transgender care. Never mind the stupidity and the fact that the proposed measures are divergent from established medical science — It is based on an attempt to conform laws to scripture.

Another on Lane's list is “Widening disparity between very rich and very poor.” Today, who champions policies that disregard the needs of those who are less fortunate?

How very Christian it is to oppose things like food stamps in order to lower taxes so that the GOP base can get richer while poor people get poorer.
Did I mention that David Lane is full of crap?
Secularism is not a religion and is not in conflict with religion. In this country people are free to worship whatever they want — a good bagel if it suits them — and to hold any religious views that they choose. Mr. Lane has devoted his entire existence to an effort to impose his Christian beliefs on everyone else in order to effect The Christian Nation™.

Should Lane ever be successful it will lead to the rapid fall of our civilization. David Lane is also an ardent Trump supporter. Trump is an aberration but Lane and others are trying to normalize a liar and sociopath. Add that to the equation and I am contemplating emigrating to Denmark. 

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