Thursday, February 13, 2020

File your damned tax returns Mr. Donohue

“How can people who … believe in evil spirits pass judgment on any other group of people?”
Bill Donohue
Aside from not meeting his obligations to file timely tax returns, Bill Donohue is an anti-LGBTQ bigot.
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Blowhard Bill Donohue has pressing concerns other than his legal obligations as the CEO of a tax-exempt entity. As of February 10, 2020, Catholic League — EIN 237279981 — has not filed its calendar year 2018 form 990.

The last extension expired on October 15, 2019, about four months ago. We ALL subsidize nonprofit entities. The least they can do is to follow the law. For 2016, Catholic League filed no return. It's not optional Bill!

In 2017 Donohue received compensation of nearly $600,000. His VP, Bernadette Brady, received nearly $325,000. Not bad for an organization with total revenues of a mere $3.6 million.
In other matters Thursday, Blowhard Bill was intrigued by some papal stupidity:
According to Bill Donohue: POPE BRANDS TRANSGENDER THEORY AS EVIL. Please keep in mind that attacks on transgender people are attacks on ALL of us.

As for blowhard Bill, he has taken it upon himself to be America's Catholic apologist in spite of the fact that Bill Donohue is a divorced man.

Before I go further, there is no such thing as transgender theory. Pope Francis rails against what he calls “gender theory.” That became “gender ideology.” Blowhard Bill Donohue's version is “transgender theory.”

Perhaps the “thinking” is that by not acknowledging the medical science associated with gender dysphoria it will cease to exist. The inane teachings of the Catholic Church will be validated.

Among Donohue's observations is this:
The Holy Father goes beyond his two predecessors by strongly condemning gender theory. He was recently asked where he sees evil at work today. “One place is ‘gender theory.'” He went on to say that gender theory is “dangerous” because it seeks to destroy basic differences between the sexes. “It would make everything homogenous, neutral. It is an attack on difference, on the creativity of God and on men and women.” These remarks are nothing new for the pope. In 2014, he said, “Gender ideology is demonic.”
Trying to make sense of this gibberish is impossible — by design, I think. No one is seeking to “destroy” the reality of chromosomes. Nor is anyone attacking the difference between men and women.

The word demonic means of, resembling, or characteristic of demons or evil spirits. There is nothing supernatural about transgender people.

At the risk of being tedious, people are transgender to mitigate the effects of a medical condition, gender dysphoria, which can cause significant distress. In various forms, gender incongruence has been in the medical literature and has been studied for more than 150 years.

When faith is used to attack a minority group with dishonest rhetoric it becomes senseless superstition. Being transgender is not evil. What is evil is attacking a vulnerable group of people with deceitful hyperbole in order to conform the realities of science and society to ancient texts.

Bigotry is evil. Using religion to foster bigotry is evil. Demonic? Well, I do not believe in evil spirits so that's out.

What I want to know is this: How can people who do believe in evil spirits pass judgment on any other group of people?

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