Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Get a Clue Log Cabin - They Don't Want You!

Savaged by a crazy physician whose extreme homophobia is time-warped.
Dr. Steven F. Hotze
Perhaps Dr. Steven F. Hotze's extremism is the product
of insecurity over his own sexuality.
via drhotze.com
The Texas Republican Party has told Log Cabin Republicans to go fuck themselves.

The endorsement of Trump by Log Cabin was infuriating. More so when LC's nitwit said that Trump was a philanthropist. (Trump never donates a nickel to charity.) As Barney Frank once said of them (paraphrasing): They claim to try to change the Republican Party from within. Except that they never have.

They have been at this for some 43 years and their efforts have not only been futile but downright embarrassing. They were helpful in eliminating Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell but President Obama was in office.

That brings me to Steven F. Hotze, MD. Dr. Hotze is a 70 year old Katy, TX physician who seems more interested in selling vitamins and supplements than practicing medicine. He has no hospital privileges and is not board certified in any medical specialty. Dr. Hotze is also a bit of a schmuck. Hotze has issued a press release. Loose the batshit:
On Saturday, February 1st, 2020, the Texas State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) overwhelmingly voted down the proposal to make the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) an auxiliary group of the State Republican Party of Texas by a margin of 62 to 2.

Dr. Steven F. Hotze … commended the SREC’s decision. “I applaud the SREC for continuing to stand in opposition to the Log Cabin Republicans and the perverted homosexual political movement. By this action the SREC upheld the State Republican Party of Texas Platform which opposes the homosexuality political movement and transgenderism.”

“… No Republican candidate should ever consider meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans asking for an endorsement. Any Republican that seeks the support of the Log Cabin Republicans needs to be exposed and defeated.

“The LGBTQ promotes the Drag Queen Story Time in public libraries and grade schools, as well as teaching children the perversion of transgenderism. The sexualization of children is the definition of pedophilia,” said Dr. Hotze.

Conservative Republicans of Texas PAC … oppose the homosexual political movement which is attempting to force churches, companies, schools, government agencies and individuals to accept, affirm and celebrate those who practice and promote the homosexual and transgender lifestyle. No individuals should be given minority status and special privileges based on their sexual behavior.

The goal of the homosexual political movement is to create moral anarchy and to teach their perverted lifestyle to children starting in grade school, so that they can easily recruit them into their movement. This is pedophilia. Pedophilia is the act of arousing sexual interest in children.
Aside from some scientific basics about human sexuality Hotze should learn that LGBTQ is an adjective; as in LGBTQ people. It is not a noun. None of this makes sense. Holtze's reference to “[t]he LGBTQ” makes even less sense. His abject hatred of LGBTQ people is so irrational that it begs the question of whether or not Hotze is insecure about his own sexuality.

We get a sense of this when Hotze argues that our objectives are to recruit children because, according to him, gay people are pedophiles. Is Dr. Hotze attracted to children?

Aside from being a radical bigot, Hotze is a liar. He is saying that LGBTQ people are interested in his approval. He is also claiming that Equal Protection and Due Process are “special privileges.” On top of that, he argues that sexuality is defined by behavior. The idiot went to med school a very long time ago. Nevertheless that should not license the substitution of religion for medical science.

Hotze's penchant for doing so makes him unsuitable as a physician for any person and for any condition. Who knows what else he might relegate to superstition? At his website Hotze claims “he has unlocked the secret to treating the underlying cause of health issues naturally, instead of prescribing prescription drugs to treat symptoms.”

What are the odds that he is treating patients with the vitamins and supplements that he sells?

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