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Insanely Homophobic Preacher Makes Some Noise for the Sake of Noise

Beert Farias
Bert Farias
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I am going to feed Bert Farias' personality disorder and pay some attention to him. For all the noise that he makes, his Holy Fire Ministries in Windham, NH had 2018 revenues of only $112,351. He sells some books too. At least he tries to.

Farias made some irrational noise on Friday with Gay Activism: The Death Rattle of a Nation. Farias is especially fond of appealing to stereotype which is odd given that he is a stereotypical unhinged Christian whack job.

Farias reminds me of some nut outside the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan with a sign and a bullhorn — “The End is Near.” According to Mr. Farias:
In the name of progressivism we now have a male presidential candidate who has a husband whom he publicly introduces and even kisses without shame, while millions of Americans applaud and approve. And perhaps worse yet is that the shock effect has been so reduced that the rest of us are numb and desensitized to this most shameful and abominable behavior. And that's all it is: behavior.
When I think about Pete Buttigieg I picture an extraordinarily intelligent individual who is highly accomplished and has been for most of his life. Buttigieg was his high school's valedictorian.

Buttigieg went on to attend Harvard where he graduated magna cum laude. He went on to attend Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He was an ensign in Naval Intelligence where only the best and brightest are selected.

His service to the country included a seven month tour in Afghanistan. He was awarded with a Joint Service Commendation Medal.

Before elective office he had an enviable career as a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Bert Farias sees none of that. All he sees is a married gay man. He disapproves of the man and he disapproves of he same-sex marriage because he is narrow minded and because gay people are antithetical to his understanding of some ancient texts. It is certainly not a universal understanding among Christians, Jews and Muslims.

After a quote out of context from Gore Vidal claiming that homsexual is an adjective describing behavior:
The fact is that the word "homosexual" wasn't invented until 1892, when a German book on sexual perversions was translated into English (Psychopathia Sexualis was the German book).
Gore Vidal probably wrote that 50 years ago. How is it relevant? Who anointed Gore Vidal an arbiter of human sexuality? If, indeed, homosexual wasn't a word until the late 19th century, how is that relevant? Not that it matters but the word was coined in 1869, not 1892.

Today we know, as scientific fact that sexual orientation is a continuum with heterosexual and homosexual at the extreme ends. If that does not conform to the religious beliefs of some people then they have a problem. Bert Farias wants to relegate sexual orientation to behavior because then he can argue that it is a choice:
God created male and female with sexual union between the two being first for procreation; anything outside that is merely behavior.
Thus sayeth the Farias.

The sophistry gets increasingly irrational:
Even Christians have subtly allowed homosexual behavior to be elevated to the status of gender in their minds. The LGBTQ movement seeks to elevate their behavior to gender status. But one of their best-known members, Gore Vidal, had it right.
It is safe to say that Mr. Farias doesn't speak to many gay people. At least not knowingly. No gay person thinks of sexual orientation as gender. Nor do gay people want to elevate anything. All we ask for is equal protection and due process where equal protection includes nondiscrimination protections.

Being a fundamentalist Christian is chosen behavior. Being gay is neither a choice nor behavior.

Rinse, repeat. Making the same illogical argument over and over again does not somehow make it logical:
To paraphrase again, sex is a behavior, not a gender. We see the leftists' efforts in the courts and in society to change that. Moreover, blindly and ignorantly, denominations have altered what the Bible says and yielded to this perversion. It's a lie that Western culture in particular has swallowed. But the truth is, there are men, and there are women. The rest is behavior.
The man is truly confused about gender, and sex, and sexual orientation, and the efforts of leftists.

… and again.
Churches and clergy who have swallowed the lie of homosexual behavior being elevated to gender status are trophies of hell and Satan's prized possession.
The sex acts of gay people do not constitute a gender and no sane person argues otherwise. “Gay people” does not describe a gender. It describes a group with a common sexual orientation. Sexual orientation defines attractions, not sex acts.
Preachers who know better are to blame. The constant compromising of preachers to avoid controversy is creating much damage—not only to the world, which is looking for a clear sound from preachers, but also to believers …
How does my being gay affect Farias in any way whatsoever? How the hell am I a peril to the world? It makes no sense.
At long last here we go. Kill the gays:
In fact, when those who practice such things that are "deserving of death" also approve of others who practice them (Rom. 1:32), it is one of God's final signs of His wrath on a society. This is a description of gay activism and constantly pushing for its normalcy and marginalizing those who disapprove. This is present-day America. How far we've fallen!
Get a grip! We neither seek nor require Mr. Farias' approval. If Mr. Farias fully conformed to scripture he would be in prison for a very long time. Unless, of course, he would not murder an insolent child as dictated by Leviticus.

Somehow this has something to do with our sociopathic president:
When millions of Americans applaud Pete Buttigieg and his "husband," it is the death rattle of a nation. When the never-Trump-ers and Trump-haters counteract with judgment and accusations of adultery against our own president, in response to Buttigieg's abominable lifestyle, they are grasping for straws in a last gasp of air of a drowning argument.
Buttigieg is a pretty honorable guy. He seems to be truthful and honest. Trump, on the other hand, is a serial adulterer and a pathological liar. However that has no bearing on the fact that Mr. Buttigieg is principled in all respects.
My friend Dr. Michael Brown has it right in the recent article he wrote ("I Will Say What the Political Leaders Cannot Not Say About Pete Buttigieg") when he revealed that repentance is the difference between president Trump and Buttigieg.
The ball passed to another Christian crazy, Michael Brown, I am done. Brown is of a similar bent claiming that Buttigieg is promoting a sexual orientation that Brown (and Farias) disapprove of. Both men believe that Buttigieg should apologize for his sexual orientation.

That makes about as much sense as claiming that someone should apologize for their blue eyes. If apologies are due then it is from people who seek to denigrate and marginalize a group of people because of a literal understanding of scripture.

Do any of these people say or do anything that is positive? They seem to be consumed with negative energy and negative endeavors.

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