Monday, February 10, 2020

Stupidity is Contagious

L-R State Representatives Ron Hood and Bill Dean. These warriors for the faith are proposing to outlaw the gender-affirming care model recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Pediatric Endocrine Society.
Ohio based Citizens for Community Values (CCV) has scheduled a press conference to promote The Protect Vulnerable Children Act which does the exact opposite of its title. The media advisory is titled: PRESS CONFERENCE: Stop Sterilizing Children.
Parents Host Press Conference on Experimental Procedures on Children The Protect Vulnerable Children Act addresses hormone therapies and surgeries on children for the purpose of “gender transitioning”
This bill was introduced by two conservative Christian, Republican state representatives; Ron Hood and Bill Dean.
COLUMBUS – Parents and doctors will be hosting a press conference tomorrow at the Ohio Statehouse to announce legislation addressing dangerous and experimental hormone therapies and surgeries on children for the purpose of “gender transitioning.”
I will check when the bill is introduced but would bet that it mirrors other similar bills in that it outlaws the use of puberty blockers.

Hood and Dean are both vigorous supporters of the NRA including stand your ground laws. The gun safety that they oppose would actually protect Ohio's children. This bill harms vulnerable kids.

The proposed bill substitutes proponents' religious judgment for sound medical practice, the judgment of treating physicians, the best interests of children and the judgment of their parents. Odds are the doctors who show up for this nonsense do not treat gender diverse children.

These bills are an abomination. If children in distress are not afforded the medications necessary for transition they are at significant risk for self-harm. The would force a trans boy to grow breast tissue. In transition he will have to resort to chest binding. A trans girl will develop masculine features that are irreversible.

What we really need is to protect vulnerable children from religious fanatics.

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