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Uh, No - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are Not Controversial Subjects

Iowa, mental health professional Lorilei Baker suggested to WHO-TV that the bill “assumes children can turn gay by suggestion.”
I like to think that Iowans are pretty good at common sense
It's an established fact. We all have them. Each and every human being has a sexual orientation and a gender identity. Most of the animal kingdom too, I suspect. My neighbor's male dog humps my leg but, … I do digress.

It is also a fact that some people are gay and some people are transgender. Not many but some.

It is also a fact that ignorance breeds prejudice. Pete Buttigieg, for example, is a very smart fellow with credentials to match including graduating magna cum laude from Harvard and being a Rhodes Scholar. He also served his country as a Naval Intelligence officer in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, some people cannot see anything other than Mr. Buttigieg's sexual orientation as a gay man. That is the very essence of prejudice.

Conservative Christians are always seeking “opt-out” authority in public schools. They are usually thwarted by school administration who explain that opt-out privileges only extend to sex education.

In matters pertaining to the existence of LGBTQ people, allowing parents to opt their children out of the instruction defeats the very purpose of that instruction.

These conservative Christians do not want their children to learn, for example, that variances in sexual orientation are natural variances of human sexuality. If they do learn such things then they might not disapprove of gay people. Heaven forbid!

Some parents think that such information is reverse conversion therapy. It will turn their kids into LGBTQ people. God forbid public schools should dispel that notion.

Enter Mary Margaret Olohan. She writes for the Daily Caller which has a repeater at the Heritage Foundation's blog. Olohan hath written: Opponents Go After ‘Draconian’ Bill Requiring Parental Notification Before Teaching LGBTQ Content in Schools. I will give Ms. Olohan credit for summarizing a controversy:
Opponents criticized an Iowa bill that would require schools to notify parents before teaching LGBTQ content to children.

Lawmakers introduced the Republican-sponsored House File 2201 in January, a bill that would require schools to annually notify parents about any kind of material that discusses gender or sexual orientation. This would then give parents the opportunity to inspect such material and pull their children out of certain classes.
Because school administrators with an EdD should have their judgment superseded by a fundamentalist Christian with a high school diploma, giving no thought to the effect that such an opt-out has on everyone else. Intentionally making kids stupid is probably child abuse.

Yeah, I know. I am just a sarcastic homosexual Jewish elitist. Oh my! Don't tell anyone but this blog is funded by a grant from George Soros.
Republican Iowa state Rep. Jeff Shipley says that the bill is intended to help the parents and school cooperate on what kind of schooling children should receive, rather than forcing parents to homeschool because the school does not cooperate.

“Because there are so many unknowns (with gender identity and sexual orientation), it just seemed like common sense to make sure parents are involved,” Shipley told CNN. “Because when parents aren’t involved, they tend to get upset.”
Uh, they force themselves to homeschool out of sheer ignorance. “So many unknowns” is an export from the idiotic fight over Creationism. Jeff Shipley should never use the term “common sense!”

In the realm of “You Can't Make This Shit Up,” Rep. Shipley is a sauerkraut salesman from southern Iowa. He does stand-up comedy and serves as Wiener Dog Racing chairman.
Iowa Pastor Brad Cranston told the Des Moines, Iowa, outlet WHO-TV: “Parents have the right to know when it comes to a controversial issue what their children are being taught in schools they’re paying for.”
Actually, making sexual orientation and gender identity controversial is what is controversial. Cranston, by the way, is a lobbyist more than anything else. At least he had the decency to explain that contributions to his “ministry” are not tax-deductible.

Ms. Olohan does try to present both sides of the controversy. This includes:
Urbandale, Iowa, mental health professional Lorilei Baker suggested to WHO-TV that the bill “assumes children can turn gay by suggestion.”
Lorilei Baker is a clinical social worker and she expresses the issue just perfectly. Thank you madame!
Other critics suggested that the bill would ban teachers from mentioning that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is gay.
Indeed it would.

Iowans have been known for their common sense. Republicans have a slim majority in the Iowa House and a large majority in the Iowa Senate. It could go either way.

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