Saturday, March 21, 2020

An Email From Donald

Don't expect Trump's campaign to be any more honest than Trump has been to date.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump has seen fit to send me a campaign email. The recipient is an account that I use to subscribe to conservative Christian content which means that the evangelicals are promoting Trump by providing him with lists of their users.
Behold the bullshit
First, they tried to take us down by rigging the 2016 election. Then they tried to take us down with the Russia Collusion Delusion. And then they tried to take us down with the Impeachment Scam.
They want to take away your voice and your vote. It’s absolute madness.
The intent of the email:
LET’S RAISE $2,000,000 BY 11:59 PM TONIGHT!

This is no ordinary contribution, friend. Today, you will have the opportunity to cement your name in history as a 2020 Founding Member.

This is so important that we’ve activated a short-term DOUBLE-MATCH on ALL CONTRIBUTIONS.
If the campaign “activated” the matching contribution then you know that it is a scam. Most matching contribution claims are scams.

Nevertheless, Trump's supporters eat this crap up. You can be sure that, between drools, many want to be a “Founding Member.”

Please! Please! Register to vote

Whether Trump is a bigot or whether he is just pandering to his base is irrelevant. Either way the administration has done everything humanly possible to marginalize and oppress LGBTQ people.

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