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Another Cretin Claims That Trans People Pose a Danger to Children

“Hate group leader Michael Voris should hire people capable of constructing a coherent argument.”
Rodney Pelletier
Rodney Pelletier
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Rodney Pelletier seems to be employed, at least in part, by the hate group Church Militant. He has had or has an association with PassageX, an event ticketing network. Pelletier has a warning: Trans Attack on Children.

Before I go any further, this stupidity is the product of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The Vatican has been explicit that the very existence of Transgender people creates a conflict with a passage in Genesis.

Unlike critical thinkers who start with an hypothesis, Pelletier starts with the conclusion based on religious doctrine. His objective is to support the dogma. He does so ineptly.
It all started with Obergefell
Before Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court case that legalized so-called same-sex marriage in all 50 states, homosexual activists were saying they just wanted the same legal privileges enjoyed by male and female couples.

It was one of the first steps to destroy the family, namely, by attacking the divinely appointed hierarchy of husband, wife and child in the family. Since then, same-sex couples have been pushing the limits by adopting children. First, they co-opt marriage by claiming people of the same sex can be in a marriage bond, then they co-opt parenthood by claiming they can be parents of children.
The above is “hidden agenda” mythology. I refuse to re-litigate Obergefell. Suffice it to say that Mr. Pelletier is giving voice to some of the losing arguments that never came to pass.

As for the hidden agenda, we were very clear that one of the reasons for marriage equality was that gay couple were raising children who were disadvantaged if their parents could not marry. That was even explored in oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

Yes, we can be parents. According to study after study gay people are at least as good at parenting as straight people. The Church's disapproval is based upon the utterances of pampered prelates lacking the erudition to opine about child raising.
But before the ink was dry on the Supreme Court's decision, the massive push to promote and normalize transgender ideology became the next battle.
Obergefell has no connection to the quest for transgender rights. Had marriage equality lost, transgender people would still seek decent treatment by society.

Moreover, Pelletier is just parroting Church teachings by referring to the state of being transgender as an “ideology.” We have heard it all before.

People transition to mitigate the effects of gender dysphoria. People have done so for thousands of years. If Mr. Pelletier has a viable option it remains unstated.

At the risk of being simplistic, gender dysphoria has been in medical literature for over 100 years. It is very real. The only treatment that works for severely affected individuals is transitioning. As you will see, Pelletier's diatribe has nothing to do with transgender folks.
Pathetically confused
Over the last two years, drag queen story hours have popped up across the country, and in the vast majority of cases, the events are being funded by public money earmarked for libraries.
Drag queens are entertainers. Rudy Giuliani used to attend events in drag. Family-friendly Milton Berle (“Mr. Television”) had a repeating drag character beginning in the early 1950s. No one thought it was controversial. RuPaul is in his 11th TV season.

The more important point is that drag queens are not transgender persons. RuPaul, for example, is not a transgender person. By the way, public libraries are funded by both government and private funds.
In 2019, a third so-called drag queen was outed as a sex convict.
That is true. However, no child has ever been harmed by a Drag Queen Story Hour event. What's Pelletier's point? How many Christian youth counselors over the years have abused under-age girls? I know, that's “whataboutism” but the comparison illustrates the fact that wicked individuals depict their own malevolence, not that of a group.
But these people are only part of the problem. Parents are also responsible for exposing their children to these events in the first place. It's all part of the satanic agenda to make evil appear good and normal.
Please. The kids get it. They are entertained by drag queens in outrageous costumes. At the same time they gain an interest in books and reading. They also obtain a better understanding of what the library offers. Perhaps of greater importance is that children learn that people who are different are not bad per se.

There simply is no sinister agenda. That paragraph, by the way, concludes Rodney Pelletier' disjointed polemic. Despite the title it has nothing to do with transgender people. The reference to Obergefell v. Hodges is irrelevant to anything that follows which is an attack on Drag Queen Story Hour.

This is a colossal bore. Hate group leader Michael Voris should hire people capable of constructing a coherent argument.

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