Monday, March 16, 2020

Brian S. Brown, Coronavirus and Urban Legends

Brian S. Brown
As you might have guessed, Coronavirus has created an opportunity for Brian S. Brown to stick his fingers into people's, … pockets. After all, National Organization for Marriage needs more money to piss away.
a dangerous time...

The coronavirus scare has every American on edge. Lives are being disrupted and families are being challenged in unprecedented ways. It is a scary and dangerous time. As we adjust to new rules and recommendations from federal health experts, incredibly we have another danger we have to worry about – the penchant for radical democrats like Nancy Pelosi to attempt to use the crisis to advance their anti-family agenda. And that is every bit as scary.
Late last week it was revealed that House Speaker Pelosi attempted to use the government’s coronavirus stimulus package to open up a massive new funding stream for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. …
Even if — if — there had been a “dirty trick,” would anyone in their right mind believe that NOM could do anything about it. Then there is some truth about what happened.

Like many crazy tales, this begins with a conspiracy theory. Origin unknown. Republicans became convinced that, if the government reimbursed laboratories for coronavirus tests that this would establish a revenue stream that would effectively overturn the Hyde Amendment (which prohibits government funding of abortions).

According to GOP lore this nonsense became Speaker Pelosi's intent. Mitch McConnell accused Pelosi of turning the legislation into an “ideological wish list.” I hope that you will all join me in November in firing that cynical schmuck.

People like Brian S. Brown began to parrot the BS. Some knew that it was BS and some did not realize that it was BS. Pick-'em: Liars or idiots?

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