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Claiming that LGBTQ People Are "Targeting" Children is as Offensive as Blood Libel

Brad Dacus
Hate Group Leader Brad Dacus (2018)
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Hate Group Leader Brad William Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute is fond of promoting the preposterous idea that LGBTQ people pose a danger to children. Historically, disfavored minority groups have always been accused of being a danger to “defenseless” women or “innocent” children.

According to VCY America Brad Dacus opines: Agenda Pushed by LGBTQ+Targets Children. That is as offensive as saying that we Jews use the blood of Gentile children in the preparation of Passover matzo. Dacus probably does not promote Blood Libel. He is too busy smearing LGBTQ people!

According to a piece at VCY America (Voice of Christian Youth):
We have those in our culture who are obsessed with advancing the LGBTQ+ agenda and children are often the target. In recent days we learned that Disney’s Animated Movie, ‘Onward’ will feature the first explicitly open LGBTQ character, a purple lesbian cyclops. Marvel is releasing ‘The Eternals’ featuring the first openly gay superhero and also the franchise’s first gay kiss. PBS is relaunching ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ introducing a girl with two lesbian moms. Drag queen story hours are being held in libraries and other venues all over the country. Now just days ago we learned from the Pacific Justice Institute’s Center for Public Policy that legislation is proposed in California that threatens to fine retailers for separating boys’ and girls’ clothing, toys and other childcare products.
To “target” a group of people in this context means an intent to harm that group. It is hypocritical nonsense considering the deliberate harm that these dipshits (like Brad Dacus) do — ceaselessly — to LGBTQ children.

Dacus is complaining about the inclusion of gay characters in entertainment. We are a diverse society and the inclusion of LGBTQ people in entertainment acknowledges the fact that we do exist and that we all benefit from the inclusiveness.

There are an increasing number if gay characters in films and on TV because most of us are no longer in hiding. We stopped being ashamed of our sexual orientation and gender identity which, according to science, are natural variants of human sexuality. Our community and our allies accept science over superstition.

There are only two possible rationales for Dacus' diatribe:
  1. The inclusion of gay characters is going to turn children gay or;
  2. the inclusion of gay characters makes it harder for people to be prejudiced against LGBTQ people.
Which is it Mr. Dacus? The first option is ludicrous. The second option is sinister. Are you an idiot or a malevolent cynic? Many readers just thought to themselves: “Both.”

The poor schmuck actually went to a quality law school (University of Texas). He has squandered his education.

As for Drag Queen Story Hour, kids get it. Dacus does not get it. Drag queens are entertainers, not sex objects. He can ask Rudy Giuliani why he sometimes went to events in drag.

These events create interest in libraries and get kids enthusiastic about reading. Sadly, I know a great many people who never formed the reading habit.

Dacus is correct about proposed legislation in California. I have read the bill. It is well intentioned but telling retailers how they must display their wares might be overreach. Nevertheless, it poses no threat to children.
Pants on fire
The effort in these cases is to make gender neutrality/confusion common place in society. Brad believes that the ‘religious zeal’ of the LGBT community ‘…is overtaking rational thought and understanding of behavioral psychology and child psychology.’

He went on to note that it is healthy for a youngster to have a clear and defined gender identity. Gender Identity Dysphoria is a mental condition that can and does resolve itself if the government leaves things alone.
Gender neutrality is quite common in our society. Women are filling many roles that used to be the exclusive province of men such as police officers, fire fighters and military officers. Beauty salons became unisex in the 1970s. Some items of clothing are unisex. Gender neutrality is not a threat to anyone.

“Gender confusion” is Christianist-speak for gender dysphoria. It is meaningless gibberish.

“[R]ational thought and understanding of behavioral psychology and child psychology” is best appreciated through the medical literature; peer-reviewed research published to respected academic journals.

Doctors affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics have reviewed that literature. They have concluded that the gender-affirming care model is the clinical standard of care.

The last part of that quote is the most troubling and it is probably deliberate. The Christianist mythology holds that preventing children from transitioning results in fewer transgender people to offend Genesis 1:27.

The truth is more complicated. Persistence of gender dysphoria is directly related to its severity. Most children who do have gender dysphoria (about 2% overall) have a mild form of the condition and it does, indeed, resolve itself. However, about a quarter of that 2% have acute gender dysphoria and those kids are in distress.

This is the group of kids who are at the most risk for self-harm. They are the children who insist that their gender is the opposite of their natal sex. They are the children who also insist on transitioning. Prepubescent children transition socially without any medical intervention.

Trans youth suffer ridicule at the hands of people like Brad Dacus. He should have a higher regard for “rational thought” than he has for superstitions based on ancient texts.

However — and think about this — the relief from transitioning outweighs the derision that gender dysphoric children inevitably receive at school and elsewhere.
Statistics from the rear orifice
The average transgender person never makes it to their 30th birthday because of depression and suicide. The suicide isn’t due to people not accepting them. It’s just as high in San Francisco as it is in the South. Brad compared it to giving young people a cancerous tumor knowing that it will likely kill them before their 30th birthday.
This trope about life expectancy began four or five years ago. This appears to be “based” on a report by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which compiled data on the age at death of murdered trans women for all of the Americas.

At least two recent studies demonstrate that transgender youth who are allowed to socially transition have mental health (anxiety and depression) comparable to their cisgender peers.

Thus, their life expectancy should be comparable to that of their peers because they are not at risk for self-harm.

This is in stark contrast to the health of trans youth who are not permitted to transition. Those kids have significant rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidality.

In other words, what Dacus is promoting will be responsible for killing kids and that is not hyperbole. Hopefully people, including conservative Christians, have the common sense to listen to the experts in this field.
See a specialist and your boy's healthy penis will be amputated
The religious fanatics do not want parents to consult with real experts. According to their narrative, if children are evaluated by a specialist they will assuredly become transgender which means a lifetime of drugs whereby boys are castrated. Eventually these kids will opt for surgery, which they always refer to as “mutilation.”

All of the above happens if a sensible parent finds a competent psychiatrist who specializes, at least in part, in pediatric sexuality. The zealots cannot accept the existence of transgender people.

The truth is that children are evaluated according to the standards established in DSM-5 and those standards are quite different for children and adults. Doctors do not offer intentionally wrong diagnoses. Either way parents would be wise to get a second opinion.

The other advice I would offer parents is this: Don't listen to the nonsense promoted by religious blowhards like Brad Dacus. They are not qualified and they have a political agenda. They find it perfectly acceptable to lie about a medical condition to defend religious dogma.

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