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I Have Not Spent Time in Ladies' Restrooms but ...

“Vica Steel offers a very valuable lesson for children: Just because people are different doesn't mean that they are bad.”
Linda Harvey
Anti-LGBTQ warrior, Linda Harvey, is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier
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I have only been in a ladies' room once. I overindulged on martinis and found myself in the wrong bathroom. I was too inebriated to take stock of the environment let alone to commit it to memory. Olives can wreak havoc on one's brain.

Would I be incorrect to assume that women pee in private within stalls (as opposed to urinals)? Transgender people use the facility that most closely corresponds to their gender and presentation.

American Family Association is an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Two of AFA's dipshits — Bob Kellogg and Billy Davis — were required to author: Where are WI parents after trans teacher keeps pushing?.
After a teachers union defended the right of a transgender teacher to urinate next to an elementary school student, it is past time for parents to wake up to what is happening, says a longtime parental activist.
That teacher is Vica Steel. Ms. Steel is a science teacher at Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. Last June Mad Mat Staver attempted to victimize her. Staver is the leader of Liberty Counsel, another anti-LGBTQ hate group. Staver is indignant, ignorant and irrational.

In the final analysis, Ms. Steel is the same highly regarded science teacher today as she was before she transitioned. Steel is being targeted by anti-LGBTQ hate groups because her very existence conflict, according to some religious fanatics, with a passage in Genesis.

Perhaps it is time for those self-appointed, self-righteous mullahs to, as AFA put it, “wake up to what is happening.” It's not terribly complicated. Ms. Steel has a medical condition which is not disqualifying. She has taken the steps necessary to mitigate that condition. Neither her skills nor her knowledge have changed.

Getting back to the environment of women's restrooms, if the student and teacher were peeing in adjoining stalls, then what was the harm? Or was this manufactured by sanctimonious mommy after the fact?

The BS continues:
Madison Teachers, Inc. fired off a letter in late February defending “Vica Steel,” a middle-aged biological man (pictured at left) who used the student restroom and frightened a little girl at Frank Allis Elementary, located in Madison, Wisconsin.
The teachers union letter declares that the teachers union and its board of directors “stand with Vica Steel and all our transgender, gender non-binary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or allied (LGBTQIA) staff.”
They are supportive as are most sane, rational people who are not slavishly devoted to ancient chronicles of dubious provenance.
"The needs of children,” Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, says, “are definitely way down the priority list when we're talking about the LGBT agenda."
I wrote recently that if Linda Harvey had five points less IQ, she would be a tulip. AFA goes on for several paragraphs repeatedly dead-naming and misgendering Ms. Steel. I will remind them of that fact the next time they bitch about their hate group designation by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

After referring to Staver's post last June (which was posted to to the same outlet):
Fast-forwarding eight months later, the letter to the Madison Metropolitan School District alleges “discrimination” because MMDD has asked faculty and staff to use their own designated restrooms – a request that likely came after the parent of the frightened child asked the school district about its restroom policy.
What the hell is “MMDD?” Do they mean “MMSD?” What letter? From whom? Did anyone ask this child what she was afraid of? Has anyone considered simply reassuring the kid, who might not even exist, that she has nothing to fear?

Vica Steel offers a very valuable lesson for children: Just because people are different doesn't mean that they are bad. Some adults have never understood this basic concept.

Some years ago an intellectually curious science teacher — name unknown — inexplicably microwaved a bar of Ivory Soap. The end result of that experiment has been fascinating kids ever since. Science teachers ask their students to theorize why the bar of soap becomes a cloud-like substance, six times its original size.

The curiosity of the children and the quest for understanding teaches them to think critically. The gender of the teacher — congruent or incongruent — is irrelevant when contrasted to the value of the lesson and the many lessons to come.

If only the grownups would get their minds out of the bathroom, children would be better educated. That is all Ms. Steel wants to do; teach kids about the wonders of science and scientific discovery.

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