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If Linda Harvey Had 5 Points Less IQ She Would Be a Tulip

Linda Harvey
According to Linda Harvey of Mission America, an anti-LGBTQ hate group:
Gender dysphoria is a delusion … . Affirmation “treatments” to produce an imagined gender switch also harm the body, and that’s why banning any therapeutic, medical or surgical action that supports this delusion and damages an undiseased body, is the sane and healthy thing to do.
Thank you Dr. Harvey!
Linda Harvey has a religious objection to the existence of transgender people. Her protestations have nothing to do with the wellbeing of children.

Unlike Harvey, critical thinkers start with an hypothesis which is then tested. Their conclusions are informed by evidence. Disproving the initial hypothesis is as valuable as proving it correct.

People like Ms. Harvey do it backwards. They start with a conclusion formed from scripture. Then, through selective observation or pure fantasy, they concoct arguments to support the predetermined conclusion.

Harvey is at odds with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Pediatric Endocrine Society and the Endocrine Society. But what do they know that Harvey does not?

Later on:
We hear that calls in SD were overwhelmingly in favor of this ban, but for some reason, the GOP went the other way. They don’t care about public opinion, about voters?

Must be big money talking somewhere.
Uh, no. It wasn't about money. The next time Linda Harvey is ill we should submit her medical treatment to public opinion. Voters should have a say.

What happened in South Dakota and Florida is that legislators heard from medical professionals. They also heard from trans youth so that the issue was no longer an abstraction.

I am sure that I am not the only person who has been providing state legislators with research. My opinion is irrelevant. The peer-reviewed research speaks for itself.

And from the professional Christians?

Peter Sprigg submitted “testimony” in Alabama where this idiocy might actually make its way into public policy. Sprigg's employer, Family Research Council, is a rabid, virulent hate group. Sprigg begins:
My name is Peter Sprigg, and for 19 years I have been doing research, analysis, and commentary for Family Research Council on public policy issues related to marriage, family, and human sexuality, with much of my focus over the last five years being on the transgender issue.
My first question to the Sprigg would be: “In which peer-reviewed academic journals has this research been published?”

Sprigg is a Baptist minister, not a researcher and certainly not an expert on human sexuality. I would love to hear, in a public setting, how Sprigg would answer that question. “Well, uh, uh, ummm, well, …

Linda Harvey prattles on:
But let’s not give up on any state. Banning this grotesque treatment is the right thing to do. I was told in confidence that one state’s GOP-commissioned private survey of suburban women voters found 80 percent support these bans.

Lawmakers, take note. The public is with you on this, and more are climbing on the ban bandwagon every day.
Right because plumbers, roofers, accountants, waitresses, lawyers, Uber drivers and sanitation workers should have a say in how a medical condition is treated. This is how things work in America. Right?

Who could ever accuse Harvey of being hyperbolic?
Still, the resistance, even if misguided, is fierce, with influential health groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics now insanely pro-mutilation.

So we must move decisively to protect minor children from counselors and doctors whose hearts have been kidnapped by an evil agenda.
“Mutilation?” What is this awful woman talking about? Minors are not candidates for surgery. Whatever treatments they receive are subject to the consent of multiple physicians and parents.

A kid cannot even get puberty blockers — which are fully reversible — without a psychological diagnosis and then the approval of an endocrinologist and parents. Harvey is going to kill some children for the faith.

Dr. Jack Turban at Harvard Medical School is most certainly a critical thinker. He explained in a New York Times Op-Ed:
Two studies to date have shown that transgender children who are allowed to socially transition have mental health nearly indistinguishable from that of cisgender children. This is in stark contrast to children who weren’t allowed to socially transition, who had elevated rates of anxiety and depression.
As transitioned children enter puberty, puberty blockers might become essential. As Dr. Turban explains:
At puberty, a child may be offered what’s called a “puberty blocker.” This medication pauses puberty to buy adolescents more time to decide whether they want to later take estrogen or testosterone, medications to go through the puberty that matches their identity. Without puberty blockers, a child will go through physical changes like voice deepening or breast development that are difficult to reverse and often require surgery.
These physical changes can cause considerable distress. Imagine the anxiety of a transgender male who starts developing breast tissue. Ms. Harvey doesn't care about any of the medical evidence. For her everything is about scripture. Children should not suffer at the hands of religious fanatics.

The ignoramus promotes bullshit:
It’s a parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s a manipulation trap. Those who “transition” still have a high suicide risk — are parents told that? And since when does simply retaining your biological birth body put you at risk of suicide? Only in the highly-fabled world of the “LGBTQ” movement, where evil is good and good is evil.
Yes, transgender youth are at higher risk for self-harm than the general population. However, according to the researched (cited and linked to above) the risk is significantly less than if they do not transition. And, yes, parents are fully informed. There is no hidden agenda.

Trans youth would be less vulnerable if the religious zealots would stop insisting that the kids are evil little perverts.

“[S]imply retaining your biological birth body?” The only thing simple is the author of that nonsense. It is not just suicide. Children with acute gender dysphoria who are not permitted to transition have very high rates of anxiety and depression.

They should be made to suffer. Because Genesis 1:27 prevails over medical science?
The stupidity is contagious:
In Ohio, following an February 11 press conference held by Citizens for Community Values, one parent gave this heartfelt statement:
“Our children are being told that their bodies are wrong. These parents and families who encompass over 100 family members in Ohio, are suffering each and every day and are heartbroken by the results of an ‘affirmation-only’ policy imposed by our medical system ... This approach has hijacked facts and science, resulting in a deep broken trust by parents ... We are here to tell the cult leaders in Ohio, gender traffickers such as the Human Rights Campaign, ACLU, PFLAG, Pure Romance, Planned Parenthood, Equality Ohio and every trans lobby in Ohio, that their statements are lies to perpetuate medical fraud. We will not stand for this.”
You can be certain that the moronic parent quoted above does not have a gender incongruent child. I have no idea what science she is referring to — and neither does she. And precisely what “suffering” have they endured? It's all about them — not kids with a medical condition they disapprove of. That makes them narcissistic sociopaths.
[An] article even quoted the statement by homosexual pressure group Equality Ohio that simply the existence of a bill like this harms transgender youth.

So concerned parents might lose the Constitutional [sic] right to speak or lobby for the redress of grievances, in other words, if the loving and respectful “LGBTQ” lobby gets its way?

How long before the mere existence of people like you and me who hold such opinions is considered a threat?
The spokesperson for Equality Ohio is correct. Consider the worry imposed on trans kids who learn that their medical treatment might no longer be available to them to satisfy religious fanatics.

No one is at risk of losing constitutional (never capitalized) rights. The existence of religious zealots does pose a very real threat to transgender kids when those extremists lobby to substitute scripture for medical science.
If Harvey has a child with gender dysphoria she is free to ignore advice from qualified physicians. Trying to impose that religious lunacy on other parents and their children is out of bounds.
These people always claim that they are being victimized when they attempt to oppress LGBTQ people. Never short of nonsense:
Because this child mutilation never has to happen. Many of these kids became confused after incessant propaganda through pro-“LGBT” lessons, misleading school programs, duplicitous counselors and deceptive library books even for lower grades. The young people now willingly taking the poison and submitting to the sacrificial knife are carefully duped victims of educational and medical malpractice.
Children are not going to be influenced to become gender incongruent. And, again, children are not candidates for surgery. Yes, Jazz Jennings had gender confirmation surgery a few months short of her 18th birthday but that is the exception, not the rule. According to WPATH:
Genital surgery should not be carried out until (i) patients reach the legal age of majority to give consent for medical procedures in a given country, and (ii) patients have lived continuously for at least 12 months in the gender role that is congruent with their gender identity. The age threshold should be seen as a minimum criterion and not an indication in and of itself for active intervention.
FtM chest surgery could be performed earlier under certain conditions. However, if a child has been on puberty blockers and then testosterone therapy there is far less potential for surgery to be necessary. In other words, Harvey's advice will create otherwise unnecessary surgery.
So that’s the next phase coming -- growing numbers of de-transitioners. They are now broadcasting their stories, young adults horrified as they face the reality of distorted bodies and compromised futures. Here’s just one of many examples.

Yes, God is mercifully able to redeem the spirits and souls, but in too many cases, the anatomical consequences are permanent.

And many are screaming, “Why didn’t the doctors — and my parents — keep me from going down this road?”
Her example is a link to an anonymous post at Kelsey Coalition which is an anonymous website. It was created (I believe) by Michael K. Laidlaw, a crackpot endocrinologist who is not board certified but who is obsessed with Christian teachings. Laidlaw has never published applicable research to a peer-reviewed academic journal.

The number of desisters is minuscule. The primary reason that people desist is family intolerance which should not exist in the first place. Unfortunately there is no research on desisters after transition. Dr. Kristina Olson who created the Trans Youth Project has researched young desisters and has concluded that the overwhelming majority never transition in the first place.

The Kelsey example is supposedly a parent of a male who transitioned at 21 and detransitioned at 26. The laws proposed in several states would not have affected him in any way. Even if true, important details are missing including what behavioral healthcare he received.

The WPATH Standards of Care stresses the need for patients to be fully informed by highly qualified professionals. According to those same standards, patients should be advised of all of the options available to them and have the opportunity to explore what will be best for them.

Linda Harvey doesn't care about what is really best for youth with gender dysphoria. She is a warrior for the faith and that is all that matters.

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