Friday, March 13, 2020

Lou Engle Tries to Protect His Revenue Stream From the Coronavirus

Lou Engle
via Right Wing Watch
Rabidly anti-LGBTQ Lou Engle is the leader of of The Call, which holds prayer rallies. That is how he makes a living. He sent out this message by email:
To take a stand against the destructive spread of the Coronavirus, we are calling the global Church to a three-day Esther Fast, March 18th - March 20th, to humble ourselves, confess our sins and the sins of our nation (Joel 2), and cry out to God for mercy. Then, on the third day, as when Esther went before the king, let us gather together in small or large groups and stand as the Ekklesia before the King of Glory! Let us stretch out His rod of authority out of Zion and rebuke the Coronavirus in united corporate agreement, believing in faith that the storm will abate, stadiums will be filled, and 2020 will go down as the year of the historic advance of evangelism and missions worldwide.
Translation: “Don't let the coronavirus fuck up my income. After the second day of fasting you are safe from contracting covid-19.”

Sure Lou.

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