Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mr. Brown Has a Plan at Our Expense

We are all compelled to be critical of these enterprises, no matter how bumbling they seem to be. Raising money off of our backs is morally wrong, regardless of how that money is used.
Brian S. Brown
The anti-LGBTQ National Organization for Marriage doesn't have the organizational horsepower to orchestrate a harmonica solo. In 2015 NOM lost its raison d'ĂȘtre with the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Over the last nearly five years about the only thing NOM has accomplished is fooling some people into giving them money.

NOM doesn't seem to actually do anything except to ask for more money to do more of nothing. Today, Wednesday, is no exception.

According to Brian S. Brown: where will they stop? The “they” in that rhetorical question is “LGBT activists and their liberal allies in government.” Accordingly:
LGBT activists and their liberal allies in government are making a full court press to change our way of life. Where will they stop? The answer is they'll stop at nothing: not unless we push back.
The simple truth is that none of the accomplishments of the LGBTQ community change Mr. Brown's way (these days weigh) of life. Consider, for example, our crowning achievement: Marriage equality. The only affected people have been the gay couples thus wed, their children and families.

Yeah, I know, there are a handful of jerks who think that they have a religious duty to discriminate but they did so long before gay people were able to marry. It's just a handful of irrational (and not terribly swift) misfits. Most wedding vendors, those with an operational cerebral cortex, have welcomed the additional business.

Apparently it takes money to watch things happen:
We are monitoring proposed legislation in a number of states (with more expected) that would do things like:
  • Bar religious counselors from helping young people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion;
  • Force girls to compete against biological males in sports competitions, as well as share locker room and shower facilities with them;
  • Institute "sex education" for gradeschool children that would have them play-acting polyamorous relationships, rehearsing divorce scenarios, and learning not to say "exclusive" words like "girl" or "woman" when referring to people.
It's the usual half-assed and hyperbolic list of imagined grievances with very little regard for facts. Brown sets up the filch:
This is madness … We intend to let the American people know about this insane agenda, and to put them in contact with their lawmakers to push back. We have a plan — but we need the resources to put it into action.
Sure you do Brian. Except that NOM couldn't organize frozen TV dinner for two. The real plan is to ask for more money by claiming there is a plan to, … to do, … something.
The inevitable:
Why bother ridiculing an inept operation? Because NOM sends hateful messages. NOM claims that it can successfully raise money through the promotion of anti-LGBTQ bigotry. Brian S. Brown and National Organization for Marriage would have people believe that this behavior is perfectly acceptable in polite society.

The effort is no more gentlemanly than the Klan raising money by claiming that Jews control Hollywood, the Fed, the banks, academia and so on. Both appeals are based on fictitious perils with appeals to stereotypes. Religion does not excuse this behavior.

We are all compelled to be critical of these enterprises, no matter how bumbling they seem to be. Raising money off of our backs is morally wrong, regardless of how that money is used.

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