Friday, March 13, 2020

Pixar's Onward Supposedly Suffers at the Box Office Because of Gay Character

Delirious with joy, conservative Christians are taking credit for diminished ticket sales.
Pixar's Onward
Onward opened to an estimated $40 million in domestic ticket sales last Friday through Sunday, more than enough for first place but far short of other Pixar films. Major studios have postponed the release of numerous movies due to the coronavirus.

Were I the parent of a 10-year-old I would probably avoid taking her to the movies at this time. Why risk the exposure?

The folks at hate group LifeSiteNews are simply thrilled: Animated Disney kids’ film ‘Onward’ with openly gay character bombs on opening weekend. As I said, Onward was tops at the box office last weekend by a large margin. It did not “bomb.”
Anonymous validators
Industry insiders, who are not usually associated with conservative causes, are citing Disney’s promotion of homosexuality, and the petitions and boycotts related to it, as a significant reason for the movie’s failure to attract crowds.

Crucially, these industry insiders are not blaming the coronavirus for Onward’s low turnout. Other movies, which had already been out a week or more, actually gained in viewership, indicating that, at that point, the coronavirus was not a major factor in peoples’ decision to go to the movies.
Shitman takes a stand
Scott Schittl
“This is great news,” said Scott Schittl, one of LifeSite’s campaign coordinators. “We believe that our petition and boycott have had a real and substantial effect. It shows that parents and grandparents are not on board with Hollywood’s LGBT indoctrination agenda, and that we will no longer pay to have our values disrespected.”
“Our values?” The aptly named Schittl's values are comprised of bigotry and stupidity. He is also one of the craziest lunatics within a crowd of unhinged lunatics at LifeSiteNews. The “indoctrination agenda™” always boils down to two choices:
  • Is Mr. Schittl claiming that the presence of a gay character will cause children to choose to be gay or;
  • is Mr. Schittl concerned that the presence of a gay character might deter children from being petty little bigots like himself?
Of course it could be both. The first choice is profoundly stupid. The second choice is comparable to the choices that Neo-Nazis make to smear Jews and people of color.

After economic ignoramuses attempt to “explain” the economics of film distribution:
“Unfortunately, these days, it seems that companies like Disney only think about morality and kids’ innocence, when they are connected to the pocketbook,” Schittl said. “So if Disney loses a lot of money because of the sexual ideas promoted in their films, hopefully they will learn a lesson and stop doing it.”

Glamorizing risky sexual behavior was never part of Disney’s role in the past.

“The studio should stick to good, wholesome storytelling that is fit for the entire family,” said Schittl.
Imbecile. Were the character heterosexual that does not promote anything about fucking her husband. The fact that a character is gay doesn't promote sex or “sexual ideas.”

Disney, Pixar's parent company, is probably not going to lose any money although filmmakers realize that every production is an economic risk. Disney has had its fair share of real bombs.

In Schittl's context, “wholesome” means promoting moral wellbeing. Bigotry and prejudice are immoral. Religious convictions are not a valid excuse for treating others with such disdain. Smearing people with false characterizations is immoral. The dishonesty is immoral.

Claiming that the existence of LGBTQ people poses a threat to children is immoral and inexcusable. “The entire family” includes families that include LGBTQ people.

In 2017, Disney released Beauty and the Beast. The same people had the same shitfit with a petition over a gay moment. To date it has grossed $1.3 billion plus hundreds of millions of dollars in DVD and Blu-ray sales.
Christian evangelist Franklin Graham criticized Disney’s use of a pointedly gay character in its Beauty and the Beast remake, saying Disney was “trying push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children.”

The group One Million Moms, which launched its own petition mentioning both Le Fou and the children’s cartoon, echoed Graham’s response. And an Alabama drive-in movie theater has declined to show the movie.

Joining the latest condemnation of Disney’s insertion of the gay agenda into the film is the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (American TFP).…The group launched a petition…
$1.3 billion gross says: “You can all go fuck yourselves!”

If Onward does not do well at the box office it is unlikely attributable to the inclusion of a gay character. Most people are saner and more rational that these religious fanatics.

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