Thursday, March 12, 2020

Prosperity Preacher Claims that Fear of COVID-19 Causes People to Contract the Virus

Kenneth Copeland
Prosperity Preacher Kenneth Copeland
via Charisma
According to prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland, fear of COVID-19 is a sin. Also, “the fear that COVID-19 has caused around the globe is much worse than the strain of virus itself …” I know nothing about Copeland's educational background but I doubt that he is an epidemiologist.

The last time I paid attention to Kenneth Copeland, he was gushing over his new toy, a $36 million Gulfstream V private jet. At the time he planned to spend another $17 million on upgraded avionics. He claimed that too many demons travel by commercial airlines.

Just in passing I need to discuss Kenneth Copeland Ministries with the Internal Revenue Service. Kevin Copeland Ministries is an assumed name of Eagle Mountain International Church. Yet an affiliation does not seem to exist. They can get away with this because Eagle Mountain is not required to file an annual report with the IRS. But I digress.

Copeland went on to say:
Fear is a spiritual force. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Well, fear comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the devil. Fear tolerated is faith contaminated. The coronavirus is a curse of the law.
I haven't the first clue what a “curse of the law” is. Does that describe Harvey Weinstein?
Fear is not OK. It is sin. It is a magnet for sickness and disease. The moment you begin to fear about anything, the devil goes to work on you. You are giving the devil a pathway to your body.
According to Shawn A. Akers at Charisma:
Copeland says the enemy is working overtime on God's people in this hour to keep them in a state of panic. And the sad part, he says, is that people are succumbing to the spirit of fear instead of living in faith.

He said he heard that some pastors around the country are asking congregants not to come to services on Sundays, but to watch them at home via live streaming.
So those clerics who have had the common sense to change their services are causing their congregations to become ill with the virus? Copeland has more brilliance to share:
Who is the tormenter? It's the devil. People are so tormented by this coronavirus that they're going out and buying up everything in sight. People do crazy things when they live in fear. But I tell you, you're just asking for the virus and sickness when you choose to live in fear, whether it's the coronavirus or losing your job or anything else. You can be afraid of anything and bring it to yourself.
Copeland also claims that if one is afraid of snakes they are inviting a snake bite.

My genuine fear is that people actually believe this simplistic bullshit. This is the kind of thinking that makes the situation worse.

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