Monday, March 16, 2020

"When God Revealed Himself to Me, I Quit Being Gay"

Becket Cook
via YouTube
Thus sayeth Becket Cook (via a Focus on the Family video).

Pronouncement: God turned me from gay to straight.

Response: May the force be with you.

Mr. Cook would not be an object of ridicule had he not turned his supposed change in sexual orientation into an income. Furthermore, he is essentially claiming that anyone can become straight by believing in Jesus. Therefore, sexual orientation is a choice.

It's always a version of the same tedious story:
Author Becket Cook, who would frequent gay bars in high school, had his first boyfriend after graduating from college. His entire family is Christian, but he says his parents responded to him lovingly and graciously when they found out he identified as gay. It wasn't until an after-party he went to for Paris Fashion Week that he felt an overwhelming wave of emptiness.
Oh the poor gay man. Alone and afraid with a feeling of emptiness. I know some straight men who feel that way. They did not opt to turn gay in response. Emptiness and loneliness are a product of how we live, how we socialize and a host of factors having nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality.
After going to a coffee shop and seeing people with Bibles open, he decided to ask them what they believed. They invited him to their church, and it was there that he says God revealed Himself to him. He says it was like a "road to Damascus" moment, referencing Paul's wake-up call in Acts 9.
Because your average coffee shop is overflowing with people reading Bibles. If there is a god s/he loves all people, paying no more attention to their sexual orientation than to the color of their eyes.
Eureka, I'm saved:
"In that moment, I knew homosexuality was wrong; I knew it was a sin; I knew it was no longer who I was," Cook says. "It wasn't my identity. I knew it was my old self, and I knew that dating guys was not a part of my future, but I didn't care at all. I was like, 'This guy Jesus is way better than those guys. I'm going to go with Him.'"
That “way better” fairytale might have traction in Christian youth ministries but critical thinkers have a different take. I am not ridiculing Mr. Cook for his religious beliefs. I am ridiculing Beckett Cook for spreading the demonstrably false notions that people should convert from gay to straight and that they can do so.

If all the kiddies clap and really, really believe then Tinkerbell will come back to life. The problem comes when parents, desperate not to have an LGBTQ child, buy into this bullshit and their kid suffers.

Furthermore, were it not for sanctimonious blowhards like Beckett Cook, then some parents would treat their sexual minority children better. People like Cook create false needs and then a false means of filling the non-existent need.

Parents need to know that there is no evil to be found at any point of the continua of sexual orientation and gender identity. Above all, parents need to now that neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are choices. As humans we do not have the power to alter our sexuality.

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