Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Brian S. Brown Wants to Glom Your CARES Act Check

Brian S. Brown
It's obvious that Brian S. Brown has no gay friends
The latest email from Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage is titled: pay it forward, if able...
As we together figure out how to navigate through all the changes and concerns wrought by the coronavirus crisis, economic stimulus payments are beginning to arrive this week in the bank accounts of millions of Americans. For many people, these payments are crucial to their well-being, allowing them to purchase food, water and supplies. For others, however, the payments are not really needed to support their daily lives. If you find yourself in this latter group and do not need these funds to support your own family, I ask you to please consider paying it forward by donating all or part of your stimulus payment to NOM. Whatever you can donate will be immediately matched!
Some anti-LGBTQ bullshit is always in stock:
Like many, our team is hunkered down working at home. We continue to follow developments in Washington and state capitals, and activate our members whenever we’re needed to make a difference. Much of our focus at the moment is on the House of Representatives where Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to use this current crisis as an opportunity to advance major elements of her liberal agenda, likely including key elements of the extreme LGBT wish list.
Does NOM still even have a “team?” What evidence does Mr. Brown have regarding Speaker Pelosi's intentions? What exactly does he think that the nearly defunct NOM can do to alter the intentions of Speaker Pelosi; whatever those might be?

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