Monday, April 6, 2020

Chicken Little

Brad Little
Governor Brad Little, Idaho
via East Idaho News
Last Week, Idaho governor, Brad Little, signed into law two anti-transgender bills.

One bill bans transgender girls and women from participating in sports that align with their gender identity. The other bill makes it illegal for transgender people to change Idaho birth certificates to be gender-congruent.

Both measures are the product of bigotry. With respect to athletics, one could make a marginally coherent argument that trans girls compete unfairly with cisgender girls. That argument is illegitimate but at least it is associated with a rationale.

The same cannot be said of the measure banning gender-congruent birth certificates. There is not even a marginally rational argument in support of something that means a great deal to transgender people.

Just two weeks ago, in The Lancet, a prestigious journal, researchers determined that Gender-congruent government identification is crucial for gender affirmation.

The existence of transgender people is not dependent upon anyone's approval. It is a response to a medical condition. In a civilized society we are obliged — all of us — to reduce the stresses experienced by a marginalized and ridiculed minority. Governor Little is too busy pandering to religious zealots to care about the effects of the bills that he has signed into law.

It has been said that, throughout history, societies have been judged by how they treat their most vulnerable members. Ignorance is no excuse for treating people poorly.

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