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Ever the Bigot, Frank Schubert Complains About a Problem He Helped to Create

Frank Schubert
Frank Schubert circa 2008
via Baltimore Sun
According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group: Virus relief a Trojan horse for the left. According to AFA's Charlie Butts, with some help from Frank Schubert, The Left™ are LGBTQ Americans. That puts Richard Grenell in a rather odd place but I digress.

Mr. Schubert, you will recall, is the political director of National Organization for Marriage. Schubert poses as a successful strategist irrespective of the fact that his only success was with Proposition 8 and that was a temporary victory. In 2012, Schubert was forced by his partners to resign from Schubert Flint because his religious zealotry was driving business from the firm.

Getting back to AFA “back to Butts:”
The Human Rights Campaign -- the largest, wealthiest, and most powerful pro-LGBT lobbying group in the U.S. – has written an open letter to the media, the government, and health officials demanding special consideration to their community, whose members are supposedly especially vulnerable to the virus. They are seeking financial resources and government coordinating with LGBT organizations.

"This is a virus that affects every person in the country," responds Frank Schubert of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). "Millions of people are out of work, trillions of dollars in economic loss has been wiped out, and here we have special interest groups from the LGBT community demanding that they be given special considerations."
HRC did sign onto an open letter. It was authored and released by the National LGBT Cancer Network and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. HRC did author an issue brief which is anything but brief. I don't want to get sidetracked but it was poorly written in my opinion.

Nevertheless it makes the point and provides evidence to support the fact that LGBTQ people are poorer than the general population.

It is indisputable that the quality of healthcare is often a function of an individual's economic status. LGBTQ people also have higher rates of unemployment which denies them the quality health insurance underpinning quality healthcare.

Furthermore, there are proportionately more smokers in the LGBTQ community which poses additional respiratory risks for LGBTQ people if they contract Covid-19. Smoking is directly related to stress.

People like Frank Schubert are responsible, in part, for higher unemployment rates, less workplace opportunity and more stress-induced smoking among the LGBTQ community.

The simple fact is that LGBTQ people are likely to have poorer outcomes han the general population if they contract Covid-19. That circumstance is a direct result of religious disapproval which is based on faith inspired dogma — not medical science.

If Mr. Schubert has a problem with the facts then he should look in the mirror. As for Butts, by definition a Trojan Horse involves subterfuge. Both the letter and HRC's brief are fact-based.

Yet neither Butts nor Schubert were capable of pointing to passages in either document and then rebutting them. They cannot which is why they did not.

Schubert goes off the deep end but he knows that he has an incurious audience:
While he finds the effort off-putting, he says the Human Rights Campaign may be able to pull it off.

"They may be in a position to affect that outcome because of their close allied relationship with Nancy Pelosi, who is as we speak busy writing the next coronavirus relief act," the NOM spokesman tells OneNewsNow. "She's made it clear to members of her Democratic Party that she intends to use that opportunity as a way to advance her hard-left agenda."
“Pull it off?” Pull what off? While urban legend has it that Speaker Pelosi is using the coronavirus to advance an agenda unrelated to the virus, there is no evidence to support that view. Furthermore, LGBTQ people constitute a vulnerable minority group; something that is more salient than being a special interest group.
But Schubert argues that no special interest group should be placed above the rest of the population.
Frank Schubert is part of a special interest group that is engaged in a ceaseless campaign to obtain Christian Privilege. Schubert and Brian S. Brown have been relentless in their efforts to impose the catechism of the Catholic Church on public policy.

The bottom line to all of Schubert's bullshit is that he does not approve of LGBTQ people because the Church does not approve of LGBTQ people. If he wants to dispute the facts then he should do so.

In contrast he is indulging in a form of argument ad hominem. He is attacking LGBTQ people rather than the arguments that those LGBTQ people are asserting.

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