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Everything is a Goddamned Threat to Religious Freedom

Lead your otherwise pointless lives and leave everyone else the hell alone!
Emilie Kao
Emilie Kao, Heritage Foundation
Emilie Kao, a staffer at Heritage Foundation, is not going to win any awards for either intellectual curiosity or critical thinking. At the organization's blog she and Shea Garrison (Concerned Women for America) have provided: UN Report on Religious Freedom Deems Abortion and Gender Identity as Human Rights.

And yes, reproductive choice is a basic human right. Furthermore, people have a basic human right to be accepted in accordance with their gender identity and to be treated accordingly.

If an individual — due to religious beliefs — is unable to accept those conditions then their choice is not to have an abortion or to be in a constant state of distress if the happen to suffer from gender dysphoria.

Those people have the right to believe anything they want, no matter how foolish. They do not have the right to inflict their beliefs on others. That is what religious freedom means. Freedom means that beliefs are not subject to approval. Freedom means that conduct associated with those beliefs extends only as far as how one “worships.”

I, for one, am tired of our society coddling people who are obsessed with their plight in an after-life determined by the extent of their compliance with the rules (religious dogma). It is simplistic silliness where good and bad are no longer based on how one's conduct affects others.

Indeed, one can follow all of the rules required of a certain religion and still be a wretched human being. There exist Hasidic gangsters. Robert Philip Hanssen, the worst traitor ever to wear the badge of an FBI agent, was a member of Opus Dei. Every Klansman claims to be a pious Protestant.

Speaking of wretched human beings, consider how these two lovely people phrase things:
The report of Ahmed Shaheed, the U.N. expert responsible for protecting religious freedom, advances a “progressive” agenda of abortion and new “rights” based on membership in sexual identity groups.
Abortion is not the agenda. They repeat so often the idea that people who are for reproductive choice are promoters of abortion that they begin to believe their own bullshit. I don't honestly know what a sexual identity group is. What are they even talking about?

Their verbiage is the old “special rights” nonsense favored by hate groups. These are not new rights and rights are a very real thing; not to be written between smear quotation marks. All of us, including heterosexual-cisgender individuals, have a right not to be discriminated against.

We all have the right not to be targets of violence because someone's deity supposedly disapproves of certain people for reasons having nothing to do with how their behavior adversely affects other people.

Intellectual dishonesty is a means of treating others unfairly:
It seems the U.N. is willing to trample the rights of the vulnerable and undermine the credibility of universal human rights to promote the values of a small number of wealthy countries–a travesty the Trump administration should oppose.
Whose rights are being “trampled?” How can someone claim that respect for universal human rights undermines the credibility of universal human rights? These people are wed to the notion that rights belong exclusively to the righteous providing, of course, that said righteousness meets with their approval.

Here's another helping of intellectual dishonesty:
The report to the infamous U.N. Human Rights Council undermines the empowerment of women and girls by lumping their concerns together with novel claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It includes a controversial interpretation of “gender equality” that promotes acceptance of transgender ideology and the concept of multiple, fluid, “gender identities.”
So sexual orientation and gender identity must be novel concepts to create novel claims. The only people who see our understanding of gender as controversial are religious literalists whose opinions do not coincide with scientific facts.

Every time someone utters, in some fashion, the phrase “transgender ideology” they identify themselves as cultists who have abandoned independent thought. Suffice it to say that being transgender is not an ideology. They are projecting because they are constrained by a religious ideology.

The same can be said for those people who try to diminish the importance of gender as a separate construct from natal sex by referring to myriad gender identities and gender fluidity, a scientific concept that they are unable and unwilling to understand.

And why the hell is gender identities written between smear quotation marks? In doing so these two are expressing the ridiculous idea that gender identity does not really exist. Doing so provides new meaning to the phrase “spectacular stupidity.”

What would one of these polemics be without the preposterous claim that trans women pose a risk to cisgender women:
In some nations, the creation of new rights based on gender identity has reduced safety and privacy for women and girls in places like shelters, prisons, and public restrooms.
They are never able to cite an example of when a transgender female has ever harmed a cisgender female. They cannot.

This is just idiotic religious drivel which excites some of the faithful because the existence of transgender people — in their narrow minds — conflicts with a passage in Genesis.
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
That is what all of this invective and tortured logic is about. They should be more concerned with the fact that their ancient texts of dubious provenance conflict with 21st century evidence-based science.
Self-serving BS:
By focusing on the promotion of abortion and LGBTQ rights, the U.N. report turns the focus away from serious and pressing issues facing women and girls worldwide. Women comprise 52% of the victims of human trafficking each year, but the report makes no mention of this or of the work that religious groups do to combat it.
Human trafficking was not within the scope of this report. Human trafficking is within the scope of other United Nations reports by other UN agencies.

Off the deep end:
Many women, as well as men, hold conservative religious beliefs, but the report treats their freedom to live according to these beliefs as secondary to abortion and new claims to rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity. No international treaty recognizes a right to abortion, but the report simply asserts that one exists and that it trumps a medical provider’s right to conscientious objection.
The only people who are not free to live according to their religious beliefs are those in the minority to religious conservatives in some countries. Overall, these two authors and their ilk feel entitled to make a great many decisions for others and they have no respect for beliefs which are not consistent with theirs.

They have been offering the same nonsensical gibberish for a very long time:
The report … goes as far as to criticize religious believers in Africa who oppose introducing school books that promote homosexuality.
Seriously? Providing an understanding of sexual orientation causes people to choose to be gay? That is what they are saying. These two haven't the vaguest notion of just how remarkably idiotic their gibberish is.

The overflowing crock of crap:
All people have human rights because of human dignity, including those who identify as LGBT, but this report bypasses the treaty negotiation process to simply assert that beliefs about sexual orientation and gender should trump the internationally-recognized human right of religious freedom.
They claim that LGBTQ people are deserving of dignity while they devote considerable time, effort and money to marginalizing and demonizing those same LGBTQ people. Dignity starts with an acceptance of science. These people are comparable to those who claimed that redheads are witches.

When they stop promoting things like conversion therapy; when they stop insisting that sexuality is a choice; when they stop claiming that transgender people are adherents to an ideology; when they stop claiming that gay people are disordered; when they stop asserting that LGBTQ people pose a peril to others; then I might entertain the suggestion that they are concerned about dignity.

Until then it is just bullshit. The claim is a device intended to distract from their abject bigotry based upon nothing more credible than superstition.

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