Thursday, April 9, 2020

Mad Mat Staver in 5, 4, 3 ...

Tallahassee via
Wednesday evening, the Tallahassee City Commission passed an ordinance banning conversion therapy. The city has joined the growing list of state and local governments to support bans. Mat Staver is a bit madder today, for sure. I am surprised that I have not yet received the nasty-mail from the cranks at Liberty Counsel.

In a saner part of the world, Scott McCoy at the Southern Poverty Law Center had this to say:
We applaud the Tallahassee city commissioners for unanimously enacting an ordinance to ban conversion therapy for minors, but also going even further to ensure the protection of vulnerable adults. This bogus practice is premised on the lie that LGBTQ+ individuals have a ‘condition’ that needs to be cured by changing an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Taking a stand against conversion therapy is an extremely important step in the right direction to support the well-being of Tallahassee’s LGBTQ+ residents. But the commission has also sent an important message to LGBTQ+ youth: you are perfect the way you are and do not need to be fixed.

We urge the rest of Florida to follow the example set by Tallahassee, and pledge to protect our youth from this heinous practice.
Of course Mr. McCoy is correct. I would add that the only support for conversion therapy comes from religious conservatives. Conversion therapy might only exist as a means of claiming that sexual orientation and gender identity are choices. Bad choices. Conversion therapy is pseudoscience based upon false premises.

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