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No Stupid - A California Bill is Not Going to Prevent Parents From Knowing About Pediatric Hormone Therapy

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Conservative Christians delight in claiming that they or others are being victimized by The Left™. I don't know who, or what, Scott Slayton is.

What I do know is that he has authored: California Bill Would Keep Parents from Knowing When Children Have Abortions, Get Transgender Hormones. He's wrong on both counts.
Woe be upon us
Planned Parenthood of California has made the passing of a bill that would block parents from knowing if their child had an abortion or received transgender hormone treatments one of their legislative priorities for this year.

SB 1004, sponsored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, would revise “California’s existing patient protections to ensure that information about any sensitive services, as defined, is not sent to a third party or a policyholder not authorized to receive it.”
First of all this has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood (although the organization is in favor of the measure). Nevertheless, let's first get abortion out of the way.

In California, minors have had the right to confidential pregnancy related services (including abortion) without parental consent since 1953. The law was challenged in 1987 with new legislation which was deemed unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court.

Moving on to hormone therapy. Without a court order, hormone therapy for a minor requires parental consent. It would seem necessary to be aware of the therapy in order to provide consent for your kid to get it. Of course I could be in error in that regard.

California SB-1004 — Confidentiality of Medical Information Act — strengthens existing California laws in order to limit the commercialization of medical information. It also prohibits an employer from disclosing medical information about a current or former employee.

Leave it to a certain segment of our society to assign an evil agenda wherever possible.

The religious whackos pour through every California bill (as well as measures from other states) to find a means of claiming that it somehow benefits Planned Parenthood or challenges their “right” to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Lately, the effort has been extended to include a search for anything related to gender identity.

Poor me! I feel compelled to read this crap and then write about it. My notion of being in deep shit is different from how that expression is used by most people.

This is a sado-masochistic pursuit because I do so much enjoy shining a light on stupidity, ignorance, bigotry and intellectual dishonesty.
The idiocy is contagious
The California Family Council said the bill “undermines the rights of parents to oversee the medical decisions of their own children” and pointed out that the bill does not specify the precise medical procedures that it would keep confidential from parents.
Presumably Mr. Slayton liked what he heard and lacked sufficient curiosity to determine for himself whether or not California Family Council was correct in its assessment. Its president, Jonathan Keller, has been known to frequently misconstrue what is happening around him with alarming frequency.
In order to understand which procedures and treatments could be in play, they point to Planned Parenthood clinics in California that “have started to aggressively promote … puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones; drugs that will permanently sterilize children.”
The “they” being quoted is the aforementioned Jonathan Keller who is a tad, … off. There is no evidence that Planned Parenthood promotes the use of puberty blockers, let alone does so “aggressively.” More importantly, Planned Parenthood's transgender services are not available to minors.

Planned Parenthood does offer hormone therapy for which a patient must be over 18 years of age. If Mr. Keller can find any California Planned Parenthood facility offering puberty blockers, he has failed to identify it.

With respect to “Gender Affirming Care,” services are limited to adults:
We offer gender affirming hormone care for patients 18 years and older at all of our 5 [California] health centers.
What the fuck is Mr. Keller referring to? These folks are obsessed with Planned Parenthood.
Pacific Justice Institute Senior Attorney Kevin Snider pointed to a 1997 California Supreme Court decision which found that “minors have informational and autonomy privacy in terms of intimate personal decisions, which trumps the rights of parents” to say that “It is doubtful that the ruling would not extend to minors ingesting cross-sex hormones.”
Presumably Snider is referring to American Academy of Pediatrics v. Lungren, a case involving abortion. Snider's quote is not to be found in the Supreme Court's opinion which says nothing about trumping the rights of parents. More importantly, SB-1004 has no effect on whether or not a minor can consent to hormone therapy.
California Family Council President Jonathan Keller voiced his strong objection to the bill, saying that, “Government bureaucrats should not be helping Planned Parenthood undermine parents’ rights to guide and oversee the healthcare of their children.” He went on to say that, “Transparency matters. The owner of an insurance policy deserves to know what medical procedures they are paying for.”
Again, what is he talking about? Legislators are not “government bureaucrats” and nothing in this measure undermines any parental rights. This certainly has nothing to do with the rights of policyholders or some imagined lack of transparency.

In the moron olympics it is difficult to pick a winner. Slayton, Keller or Snider? It is a competitive pursuit that seems comparable to a demolition derby.

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