Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Latest Dishonest Campaign Bullshit From the Orange Creature

“Trump makes George W. Bush look like a statesman.”
Donald Trump
Donald Trump probably does not write his campaign appeals. However, it is quite obvious that he influences the content. To please Donald his toadies are free to lie their asses off just like their boss does.

Today's scam is titled: Cheatin’ Obama is at it again. President Obama was, perhaps, the most honest and effective president in my lifetime. He was not perfect (no one is) but he was always decent and honest.

President Obama never cheated anyone. That is in sharp contrast to Trump.

Standard operating procedure* at Trump Organization is not to pay subcontractors. When they threaten to sue they are coerced into accepting a smaller sum than was agreed to.

On top of that are the Trump bankruptcies. While Donnie-boy was living it up, small business owners got stiffed.

The missive continues:
'You don't have to do this Joe, you really don't." - Barack Obama
First of all, President Obama correctly chose not to endorse anyone until the primaries were settled. The quote is accurate but What the former President meant was that a) Biden had done enough and; b) need not risk damaging his legacy.

President Obama's endorsement is far from reluctant. Not to take anything away from Biden but, at this point, Obama would probably endorse just about any Democratic candidate. Trump must go!

The drivel goes on:
What a difference a few months can make. In August, it was reported that Barack Obama told Sleepy Joe, 'You don't have to do this Joe, you really don't." And now, Obama has publicly endorsed him for President of the United States.

I know what you're thinking. It doesn't make any sense.

It took 355 days for Cheatin' Obama to endorse Joe - it's obvious that even he didn't want his former VP to become the next President, or else he wouldn't have waited until Joe was the last man standing - how pathetic.
Sorry but it all makes perfect sense except, perhaps, to the drooling MAGA-morons.
But, I can't ignore the fact that Sleepy Joe just got back-to-back endorsements from Crazy Bernie and Obama to ignite the Liberal Mob, which is why I've activated a 24 HOUR CASH SURGE to get us back on track.
Senator Sanders is considerably saner than Trump who has narcissistic personality disorder on top of being a sociopath and a pathological liar. Policy differences are not fodder for judging someone's mental hygiene.

Bernie actually cares about other people. Trump cares only about Trump. Trump would throw his wife and kids under any bus if it would be to his advantage. The man is grotesquely ill.

I am just hoping that Democratic leaders have catalogued all of Trump's crazy impulses; from taking the sharpie to falsely include Alabama in the path of a hurricane on a weather map to his performance in Helsinki with Putin and his nutty need to provide credibility to North Korea's Kim Jong-un with whom he claimed to be in love.

More than anything I am hoping for a huge turnout in November. Trump is arguably the worst president in the history of the United States. Trump makes George W. Bush look like a statesman.

— — —
* That is based upon what I was told in 2012 by an insider whom I know well.

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