Thursday, May 14, 2020

And You Wonder Why We are So Damned Dysfunctional?

Donald Trump
The headline says it all: 49 Percent of Weekly Churchgoers Say Trump Was 'Anointed by God' to Be President.

According to the survey by Paul A. Djupe of Denison University and Ryan P. Burge of Eastern Illinois University:

Last year, 29.6 percent of white Protestants who attend church weekly affirmed the statement, while this year, 49.5 percent of the same group said they believe Trump was anointed by God.

A total of 49.1 percent of weekly churchgoers who are not white Protestants in this year’s survey said they believe Trump was anointed by God. The survey was conducted in March.

According to Michael Foust at Christian Headlines, many churchgoers apply this belief to all presidents, not just Trump. Funny how I am having problems associating that belief with President Obama.

Furthermore it should then follow that President Obama's support of things like reproductive choice and transgender military service were ordained by the same deity. After all, President Obama was anointed twice.

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