Monday, May 11, 2020

Brian S. Brown Has Balls Calling Others Bigots

National Organization for Marriage has a new reason that people should donate money to the failed organization. According to Brian S. Brown:
In an incredible display of anti-Christian bigotry, political leaders of New York City have decided to kick a Christian ministry out of the city that has saved lives and treated hundreds of COVID-19 patients in New York. City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, a homosexual, and his allies in the LGBT community have demanded that Samaritan’s Purse cease serving patients in the emergency hospital they established in Central Park at the request of the city itself! The reason for this incredible demand? Samaritan’s Purse and its founder, Rev. Franklin Graham, believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
I'll save some keystrokes by referring to an earlier post today. The problem is that Samaritan's Purse is headed by Franklin Graham. Graham is an anti-LGBTQ and anti-Muslim bigot. Accepting services from Samaritan's Purse is no more legitimate than accepting services from a Neo-Nazi group. Don't do us any favors.

Contrary to Brown's assertion, New York City asked Mount Sinai Health System to set up a treatment center in the park. Dr. David L. Reich, president of Mount Sinai Hospital and Mount Sinai Queens was apparently responsible for involving Samaritan's Purse. I doubt that he realized just how divisive Samaritan's Purse is, due to the behavior of its leader, Franklin Graham.

According to Dr. Reich, the field hospital was considered an extension of Mount Sinai Hospital. I have conflicting responses to two emails I sent to Mount Sinai. Presumably Mr. Brown has no similar interest in determining the facts.

Mr. Brown is full of crap when he insists that the controversy is over Franklin Graham's beliefs about marriage. Graham is an outspoken bigot. No Mr. Brown. This is about Franklin Graham's outrageous conduct. He is free to believe anything he likes.

Quoting from the New York Times:
Critics have included members of the Episcopal clergy, whose objections to the group’s position on gay issues and non-Christian faiths helped scrap a proposed field hospital inside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and the speaker of the City Council, Corey Johnson. He described Mr. Graham on Twitter as “notoriously bigoted” and said the group’s “continued presence here is an affront to our values of inclusion.”
Brian Brown's claim that Speaker Johnson owes an apology to “us” is preposterous. Perhaps Mr. Graham might apologize for blaming the coronavirus on marriage equality. Perhaps Mr. Brown should apologize for his continuous promotion of the false idea that gay couples are terrible parents. Brown's apologies are due to those parents and their children.

Franklin Graham has compared same-sex marriage to to polygamy and incest. Graham opposed a bill banning conversion therapy in 2017, calling homosexuality an “abomination.” Perhaps apologies for that bigoted vitriol are forthcoming.

As long as Brown mentions it, Samaritan's Purse requires employees and volunteers to sign a statement of faith affirming their belief in Jesus Christ and their view that “marriage is exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female.” Again, the requirement is conduct in contrast to religious belief.

Bishop Andrew M.L. Dietsche of the Episcopal Diocese of New York has been quoted as saying that Graham espouses “an exclusionary view and a very narrow view of what constitutes being a Christian.” It would also have required Episcopalians to “repudiate all the good work that’s been done in the Diocese of New York around the full inclusion of gay and lesbian people.”

According to Brian Brown:
We at NOM are not going to sit still and allow pro-marriage charities and individuals be attacked and besmirched by leaders of New York city, especially after these same leaders begged all Americans to come to their rescue at the advent of the Coronavirus crisis.
That is when Brown puts his grubby little fingers into the pockets of supporters. Supposedly contributions are subsidizing signature gathering on a NOM petition that is nothing more than a scam. NOM is not going to coerce people into apologizing for telling the truth.

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