Thursday, May 14, 2020

Even in Death, They are Disrespectful of Transgender People

According to the Christian Post: Man at center of transgender Supreme Court case against Christian funeral home dies. So religious belief prevents CP's Brandon Showalter from referring to Aimee Stephens as a transgender woman upon her death?

Even if religion prevents someone from recognizing gender as a separate construct from natal sex; even if one believes it is impossible, according to a passage in Genesis, for trans people to exist, should common decency not prevail? They have no problem referring to someone as a homosexual when it suits them (usually to connote something negative).

Note, however, the absence of using the word homosexual properly as an adjective.

The text doesn't get any better:
The man at the center of a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court case on the definition of "sex" and how transgender-identifying people are recognized in the workplace has died.

Anthony Stephens, 59, who later changed his name to Aimee Stephens when he decided to self-identify as female, was on home hospice and died due to complications related to kidney disease on Tuesday.
“Transgender-identifying?” What? Writing “transgender people” conveys the truth that they exist? “Self identify?” So gender does not exist?

I have several questions, as you can see. Mr. Showalter can now ponder why I think that he is a superstitious schmuck.

Showalter knows nothing about Aimee Stephens, a human being. She might have even been a pious Christian. Showalter can never get past the fact that she was a transgender woman. The deity does not approve!

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