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Blowhard Bill Donohue - Public Policy Expert

Numerous conservative Christians are demonstrating their determination to discriminate against people they disapprove of — all neatly cloaked in religion.
Bill Donohue
It is not my custom to read Breitbart. Yet, one of Thursday's headlines reads: Catholic League: Bostock Is ‘Classic Case of Judicial Overreach.’ The author of the incoherent gibberish is Thomas D. Williams.

Before I get into this, if Mr. Donohue wants to weigh in on the law then he should follow the law. Catholic League has still not filed its 2018 tax return, seven months beyond when the last extension expired. Donohue never filed a return for 2016. It's not optional. Presumably, Donohue wants to hide excessive compensation. But I digress.

The Bostock decision should not have been necessary in the first place. Bigots like Bill Donohue made it necessary through their discrimination or promotion of discrimination.

Willful ignorance
“Here is where Gorsuch’s problem lies. Sex is a biological attribute that is not identical to sexual orientation or gender identity,” Donohue argues.

“Being a male or a female is similar to being black or white: sex and race have no inherent normative content,” he states. “That’s because they are fixed properties and do not speak to behavior, which has moral consequences.”

“Sex, or being male or female, is behaviorally neutral; it is not oriented toward anything,” he continues. “Sexual orientation is: it is oriented behaviorally towards either heterosexuality or homosexuality.”
What Donohue is claiming is that sexual orientation is not a trait but a behavior which he further claims is immoral. Donohue's persistent assertion defies medical science. The divorced man is defending the (other) teachings of the Catholic Church.

It is understood in science that sexual orientation is a spectrum with homosexual and heterosexual at the extreme ends. Donohue wants to torture the science to conform to scripture.

And I cannot help but notice that Catholics are protected from workplace discrimination by the same Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Blowhard Bill's religious choices are a behavior with no biological basis. Billy makes some very poor choices including his rabid bigotry.

On gender, Mr. Donohue makes himself look even more foolish:
In the case of gender identity, anatomical surgery and hormone therapy are choices, unlike one’s sex, he argues, “making it erroneous to conflate sex with gender identity.”
Whether or not gender-affirmation is a choice, gender identity is not a choice. People affirm their gender to relieve the distress caused by gender dysphoria. According to Mr. Donohue, those people should suffer lest they create a challenge to scripture.
“Gorsuch refuses to employ ‘assigned at birth’ because it would undercut his conviction that sex is a fluid concept,” Donohue states. “He wants to advance the notion that our sex is a matter of identity, which is a psychological construct, and not a matter of human nature.”
Christian conservatives are obsessed with defining the construct of gender (which, according to them, does not exist) as “fluid” sex. Blowhard Bill is also factually wrong. Justice Gorsuch referred to “sex assigned at birth” several times including:
… it is of no significance if another factor, such as the plaintiff’s attraction to the same sex or presentation as a different sex from the one assigned at birth, might also be at work, or even play a more important role in the employer’s decision.
And, again, Donohue defies overwhelmingly accepted science. Gender is a compelling sense of who we are within the continuum of male and female. That is a matter of “human nature.” Donohue is trying to justify discrimination.
Theater of the absurd
While there are “no known cases where a Catholic school has fired a teacher because he happens to be a homosexual,” he declares, “there are many cases where a homosexual teacher has been fired after it was publicly disclosed — often by the teacher — that he is married to his boyfriend.”
The very Catholic Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that a tax on yarmulkes is a tax on Jews. Firing a gay person because he or she is married amounts to anti-gay discrimination.

The Bostock v. Clayton County (consolidated) ruling at the Supreme Court nationalizes a workplace nondiscrimination policy which exists in many locales. For example, a Catholic school fired Kate Drumgoole (a basketball coach and guidance counselor) in 2016. The termination violated New Jersey's nondiscrimination laws.

Eventually a New Jersey appeals court affirmed a lower court decision not to dismiss the case. The archdiocese tried to claim that Ms. Drumgoole was a minister. That didn't work.

Then they tried to claim what Donohue claims; that firing someone for being in a same-sex marriage was not anti-gay discrimination. That didn't work either.

The archdiocese was forced to settle with Ms. Drumgoole in late 2019. In 2016, Bill Donohue wrote:
…no one now disputes that there is a determined effort to use gay rights as a club to smash the religious liberty protections afforded by the First Amendment.

No one? Bullshit! Most people see (and saw at the time) that the quest for gay rights was an effort to obtain equality. There was, never has been and isn't today a sinister agenda to punish anyone.

The agenda is simply to have people judged by their performance in the workplace rather than irrelevant traits. The First Amendment allows for free exercise of religion.

Donohue can worship bad feet if he chooses to do so. It was never intended that the First Amendment would serve as a license to discriminate. Our founding fathers were pretty secular folks.

Bill Donohue never directly addresses the ruling in Bostock. A civil servant who received glowing reviews and won awards for his work was dismissed from his job when it was learned that he is gay.

The Georgia bureau claimed that Bostock engaged in conduct “unbecoming” a county employee. That, too, was likely based on religious disapproval.

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