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Brian S. Brown Does Not Approve of Pride Month - Shocking, I Know

Brian S. Brown
Knight Templar, Brian S. Brown
Brian S. Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, seems to get batshittier by the day. More intellectually dishonest as well.
Some things are so important, at least in the opinion of the cultural and media elites, that come rain or shine they must be acknowledged and even celebrated. Paying homage to the LGBT community during the month of June is one of those “must do” things that our woke culture demands of all Americans, or risk being named a hateful bigot if you don’t. You see, the month of June is so-called “Pride Month” and nothing – not pandemics, nor tens of millions of people being out of work, nor race riots in the streets – can be allowed to shutter the annual celebration of all things gay.
Our displeasure with Brown is unrelated to Pride Month. Mr. Brown is deemed a “hateful bigot” for his intolerance. We do not really care whether or not he likes Pride Month.

Neither Brown's participation nor approval are requested. The majority of Catholics do not agree with Mr. Brown who has been at war with our community for over 12 years. Sometimes I think that the pathology is formed by Brown's frustration that we are indifferent to his approval.

Brian S. Brown is convinced that gay people are “objectively disordered” and that transgender people do not really exist. That's not because of any scientific understanding but because Vatican eunuchs control what Brown thinks.

In any event, Pride events in Florida have been cancelled as are most I suspect. Brian Brown seems to have no control over saying the stupid shit which creates our disapproval of him:
[1]NOM has always taken the view that gays and lesbians are entitled to live the lifestyle they choose, but they are not entitled to [2]impose their lifestyle on the American people. [3]Our position is one of tolerance and acceptance, but that is not enough for LGBT groups. [4]They want all of America not to tolerate, but to honor and celebrate their behavior and their lifestyle. [5]It’s not enough to just accept that LGBT people choose to define their lives based on their perceived sexuality, [6]they demand that we praise them for their “courage.” We must also let them know how “proud” we are [7]that they want to impose their beliefs on the nation as a whole.
[1]Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity comprise a “lifestyle” and they are not choices as Brown contends. Nor are we intent on imposing anything upon others. This is the language of bigots.

[2]Brown is projecting. He is intent on imposing the catechism of the Church on public policy.

[3]NOM and Brian S. Brown are neither tolerant nor accepting. NOM exists because of anti-LGBTQ animus.

[4]We do not give a crap. “Celebrate” is a largely religious term. We are determined to achieve one thing, and only one thing: Equal Protection Under Law. Nothing more and nothing less. Approval is not part of the equation.

Brown can never understand that. In his world approval and its opposite, shame, are the principal levers of religious conformity.

[5]LGBTQ people are not defined by their sexuality. People like Mr. Brown define us by our sexuality because they cannot get beyond it. Tim Cook is a “homosexual.” The fact that he runs what is perhaps the largest company in the world (Apple) is irrelevant to people like Brown.

[6]Again, we are not interested in praise which is another way of saying approval. We would be content with full equality.

[7]As a community we are very diverse in our beliefs. We represent all races, religions, political stripes and ideologies. Brown cannot see that. All he sees is sexual orientation or gender identity. Nothing else matters to him.

It is disingenuous to claim that we want to impose beliefs on anyone with one exception which pertains, as I said, to Equal Protection.

The reason for this BS is perfectly obvious. Brown believes that this nonsense attracts donations. Perhaps it does and shame on those who are so easily manipulated by people who can push a few buttons:
I doubt that anyone, even the most fervent supporter, reads much of these emails but Brown, or whoever writes this junk, does a mind dump with each:
We at NOM are not proud that the LGBT community has been able to inject its philosophy into vast swaths of the culture. We do not think it is courageous for them to seek the redefinition of critical social norms, including our understanding of marriage …
Whoever could possibly believe that Brown's people are, or seek to be, proud of anything? We do not have a common philosophy so there is nothing to inject. I do not think that marriage equality is courageous. But it sure as hell is a constitutional right despite NOM's best efforts at frustrating our rights.

Much later on:
Pushing back against the LGBT community is tough. It takes courage and resilience. Radical LGBT activists closely monitor our work and regularly try to portray us as some sort of hateful group because we reject their agenda. But despite their constant badgering and criticism, NOM has been extremely successful in defeating their agenda and in rolling back “victories” they achieved when Barack Obama was president.
NOM is a hateful group and Brown is a hateful person. The text of this email is sufficient evidence of the hate. Brown thinks that religion gives him a pass. It does not. It is the same argument that the Klan has made for decades.

The notion that “NOM has been extremely successful” is ludicrous. Over 12 years NOM has accomplished only one thing: California Proposition 8 which ultimately got wiped out by the Supreme Court. NOM's central mission was to thwart marriage equality. They failed. They have gone after same-sex parenting. They failed.

If Brown had any class, NOM would have ceased operations after the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges. Brown would have stopped asking people to finance a futile quest.

NOM promised that, if only they could get marriage before voters NOM would win every time. They tried that in 2012 and lost four of four contests.

About the only thing that NOM has accomplished is to burn through about $70 million with nothing to show for it. Brown looted some of that. I do not think that donors expected their money to go into Brown's pockets off the books.
Some suckers still exist.

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