Monday, June 15, 2020

Brian S. Brown Has His Say on Today's SCOTUS Ruling

The title of Brian S. Brown's email for National Organization for Marriage reads: BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court and Trump Administration Decisions.

Emphasis per original:
This fantastical result will come as a shock to people who have been engaged in Congressional action for decades dealing with legislative demands by LGBT extremists to enact specific legal protections covering both “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Countless bills have been proposed and debated to add these categories to federal anti-discrimination law. Virtually none have succeeded. The impact of today’s Supreme Court ruling is that none of these legislative battles were needed because Title VII has always prohibited actions based on "sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” What a preposterous conclusion! NOM filed an amicus brief in this case urging the exact opposite result.
NOM filed an amicus brief in order to ask for money to supposedly pay for it. At the time (October 7, 2019), Brown wrote:
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has filed an important legal brief in these cases.

This is a hugely important legal battle because if gay activists prevail, they will succeed in imposing major elements of their extreme agenda on the American people, especially people of faith.
This is the same illegitimate route they pursued to impose same-sex 'marriage' on the nation, but now we've made significant gains on the Supreme Court and are optimistic that SCOTUS will resist this illegitimate attempt to redefine the law.
In Monday's missive, after quoting from Alito's dissent (the losing argument), we learn that Justice Gorsuch is a traitor to the cause:
We are studying the opinion and will have considerably more commentary about it in coming days. However, there is little question that this is a major decision, one that was outrageously decided, and one that will likely have profound implications for millions of people, especially people of faith. We are extremely disappointed in what the Supreme Court majority has done, and especially the betrayal by Justices Gorsuch and Roberts.
Whatever is left of NOM can study this over the next century. It will make no difference.

In Monday's email Brown goes on to relish the Trump administration's permission slip for discrimination against transgender people:
Meanwhile in a closely related issue, late on Friday evening the Trump administration announced final rules that we strongly support. In interpreting a different section of federal law, Title IX, the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) reversed the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act order determining that “sex” means “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” This is an important ruling that will help protect the freedom of conscience and professional independence of medical providers to reject having to participate in objectionable conduct, such as performing “sex-change” surgeries.
We can correct that next November
Brown's argument is idiotic. No surgeon has ever been compelled to perform gender confirmation surgery. It is a procedure performed by highly trained specialists who have chosen to receive that training.

The Supreme Court has just ruled that sex includes sexual orientation and gender identity. There is no reason to believe that the Court would rule any differently in regard to discrimination in public accommodations and healthcare.

It makes no sense that a doctor could opt not to treat a person for acid reflux because that person happens to be a transgender patient.

Even hormones and puberty blockers are provided exclusively by clinicians trained to understand the unique needs of transgender patients. An endocrinologist who chooses not to offer that care can correctly assert that he or she is unqualified to do so.

Former VP Biden has an impressive lead over Trump at this time. If he prevails over voter suppression and whatever else the Trump campaign throws at them, Biden will have a great deal of work to undo.

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