Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Focus Affiliate Wants to "Save Girls [sic] Sports"

Conservative Christian opposition to trans girls competing in sports has absolutely nothing to do with athletic fairness!
Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of Focus on the Family, does not approve of transgender people. FPA is using athletics as a means of attacking transgender people in general because of conflicts with scripture. What? You think they really give two shits about high school athletics?

According to Family Policy Alliance:
An Unfair Advantage

Obviously that is not
representative of
a trans girl
Female athletes deserve fair competition – and that means the chance to maintain women’s divisions distinct from co-ed or men’s categories. Men generally have higher cardiovascular capacity, greater bone density, and more muscle mass. Our girls deserve better than letting males compete in female-only competitions.
The above is extremely dishonest. Yes, boys (this is about girls' sports) have a physiological advantage over girls. However, it is an advantage that most transgender girls do not share because they do not have the same level of testosterone as boys.

But you know what? Maybe the mullahs at FPL are right. Maybe we should convene a conference of physiologists and sports medicine professionals to analyze this issue and to determine what qualifications a trans girl must meet to compete.

That conference will never happen. It will not happen because Family Policy Alliance is not interested in actually solving the problem. They are using it to raise money while marginalizing transgender girls.

Regarding money, FPA is a 501(c)4. Donations are not tax-deductible. They are supposed to indicate that on their appeal. They do not:
The reason that they are a 501(c)4:
Fairness in Women’s Sports Act

Family Policy Alliance helped pass the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act to keep sports fair for female athletes in Idaho. The first law of its kind in the country, it ensures that only biological girls can play in girls’ sports. It’s a simple way to make sure girls can compete in their own sport – on a level playing field.
It's Idaho. The measure was passed without a single real scientific finding (see below).

Everyone needs an enemy to raise money:
The ACLU is challenging the new law. In April, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the state of Idaho, claiming that Fairness in Women’s Sports violates a federal law known as Title IX. Once a champion of girls’ sports – now the ACLU wants to turn boys into girls’ sports champions.
Fairness? The ACLU wants transgender people treated fairly. Family Policy Alliance has a religious objection to their existence. Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with athletics.
Barbara Ehardt
Barbara Ehardt | via Facebook
“From the beginning, this has been about protecting opportunities for girls and women in sports. As a former Division I athlete and coach, I know firsthand that we simply cannot compete against the inherent physiological and scientifically proven advantages that boys and men possess.”


Bill Sponsor of Fairness in Women’s Sports Act
First of all Rep. Ehardt is a conservative Mormon. Ehrhardt's sports experience adds absolutely nothing relevant to this issue. As for the science, the measure cites a study at Karolinska Institutet (which they manage to misspell).

Most importantly, the 11 transgender women who were subjects in this study were between the ages of 23 and 31 and had just recently begun hormone therapy. In other words these were women who were fully developed as men prior to transition. These women are in no way comparable to trans youth, most of whom began with puberty blockers at a very young age.

Moreover, the researchers call for a balancing of interests:
The question of when it is fair to allow transgender individuals to compete in sports in line with their gender identity is a difficult and sensitive issue given the desire to ensure fair, safe and meaningful competitions while at the same time protecting transgender individuals’ rights and autonomy.
At the end of the day this is about religious disapproval of transgender people due to scripture. It is petty bigotry over people who are different.

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