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Heritage Foundation in a Tizzy That YouTube Won't Allow Them to Promote Transphobia

Walt Heyer
Who could possibly think that Walt Heyer is
not an expert on pediatric gender dysphoria?
via YouTube
According to Robert Bluey, the editor of Heritage Foundation's blog: “YouTube Weaponizes ‘Hate Speech’ Policy to Censor Heritage Foundation Video.” I am about as tired of “weaponize” as I am of “woke” and a dozen or so other words used to convey right wing rhetoric.

Mr. Bluey “explains:”
On Oct. 9, Walt Heyer took the stage at a Heritage Foundation event called the Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization. His powerful testimony captivated the audience. It was so powerful, in fact, that YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, is now censoring his words.
Walt Heyer makes a living promoting transphobia by claiming that his gender confirmation surgery was a mistake. The con job takes the form: It was wrong for me so it must be wrong for everyone. That is despite the fact that he had the surgery nearly 40 years ago and in midlife and that he is a religious zealot and that he is batshit crazy.

Like all of its public programs, The Heritage Foundation posted the three-hour event video on YouTube (as well as on other video platforms). Months later, YouTube notified Heritage that it had removed the entire video for violating YouTube’s “hate speech” policy.
We vehemently disagree with YouTube’s decision to suppress valid medical information.

Not only is this decision anti-science, but it’s also part of an alarming trend of YouTube removing or blocking content that it doesn’t like.
“Valid medical information?” From Walt Heyer? Heyer is not a scientist (I doubt that he got past high school). Heyer has claimed that he was misdiagnosed. He has self-diagnosed what, at the time, was called multiple personality disorder (now labeled dissociative identity disorder). Is that the valid medical information.

Heyer is a proponent of extremely toxic gender conversion therapy. Perhaps that is the valid medical information.

Heyer makes many claims but never with any evidence to support them. Valid medical information is supported by science and science is evidence based.

YouTube has an acceptable use policy prohibiting hateful content. As does Vimeo which will not permit videos advocating conversion therapy. Facebook has one but it is poorly enforced.
In the case of Heyer, his comments at the Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization were meant to raise awareness about the harms of transgender ideology and the push for “gender-affirming treatments,” including hormones and surgeries.
So Robert Bluey is comfortable claiming that Walt Heyer knows more about pediatric gender dysphoria than the American Academy of Pediatrics. Based upon what credentials? Aside from clinical practice standards (the gender-affirming care model), research published to the AAP's academic journal concludes:
Socially transitioned transgender children who are supported in their gender identity have developmentally normative levels of depression and only minimal elevations in anxiety, suggesting that psychopathology is not inevitable within this group. Especially striking is the comparison with reports of children with GID; socially transitioned transgender children have notably lower rates of internalizing psychopathology than previously reported among children with GID living as their natal sex.
Mr. Bluey digs his hole even deeper:
Heyer, who formerly identified as transgender, has spoken at a number of Heritage events and is a well-known authority on the issue of gender dysphoria and transgender ideology.

During the panel, Heyer cited his study of psychology and stated, “This is a childhood development disorder.” He was referring to the phenomenon of gender dysphoria.
An authority who cites his study. I am impressed!

In which reputable peer-reviewed academic journal is Walt Heyer's research published? Surely Heyer has published research if he is to be considered an authority.

Or is Mr. Bluey claiming that having had surgery nearly 40 years ago in middle-age qualifies Walt Heyer as an expert?

A couple of years ago I had a transurethral-prostate-reduction procedure (TURP). I am gloved, masked and ready. Perhaps Mr. Bluey would volunteer to be my next patient. Robert Bluey might be a dick but I doubt that he would allow me to operate on his dick.
Heyer used the term “gender identity disorder,” which is a pre-2013 term for the classification of gender dysphoria as a mental disorder in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM).

Heyer’s six words were about three seconds from an event video that ran more than three hours. YouTube censored all of it.
“Gender identity disorder” is three words. What were the other three words?
“For an issue as complex as gender dysphoria, patients deserve to have viewpoints from all sides,” said Kao [Emilie Kao], who directs The Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society. “YouTube continues to host videos that use the same terms that Walt Heyer did for gender dysphoria, but happen to support hormonal and surgical treatments. They have weaponized their ‘hate speech’ policy to shut out viewpoints they don’t agree with, and the biggest loser in all of this are patients suffering from gender dysphoria.”
I still do not know what the six words were and Heyer's entire narrative is premised on the idea that transgender people have made very bad choices. As for Emilie Kao, what qualifications does she have?

It is idiotic of her to claim that this is all based on the opinions of YouTube staffers regarding gender dysphoria (to form “viewpoints they do not agree with”). More idiotic is the notion that someone suffering from gender dysphoria should listen to Walt Heyer over expert clinicians.

17 people participated in this genial discussion. Only one of them, Dr. Joseph Zanga, who was representing the American College of Pediatricians (an anti-LGBTQ hate group), has any medical training. Zanga is infamous for his opposition to gay parenting. Hopefully, he has never attempted to treat a gender incongruent child or adolescent.

If you are keeping score, 17 idealogues. 17 defenders of Christianity. 17 transphobic bigots. Out of the 17, who is qualified to opine on the treatment of children with gender dysphoria? Natasha Chart of Women’s Liberation Front, a group funded by Alliance Defending Freedom that seems to do nothing other that promote transphobia?

Or how about the moderator, Ryan T. Anderson? After all, Ryan T. wrote a book about transgender people with all the authority that his PhD in philosophy could provide. Which of these 17 people have even spoken with a transgender youth or their parents? Or how about Georgia Kijesky who is an anti-choice fanatic?

Maybe Vernadette Broyles? She is a Georgia lawyer who fiercely opposes transgender accommodations in public schools claiming that trans girls pose a danger to cisgender girls. I could go on but you get the idea.
Unfortunately, this is yet another case of YouTube discriminating against an individual and organization because of a particular viewpoint on a subject, rather than because of the content itself. Heyer’s description of gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder is commonly used by medical professionals and organizations around the world.
I still do not know what Heyer's six words were that supposedly caused YouTube to act. The entire thing was an anti-LGBTQ shit show.

Bluey has balls claiming that Heritage has been discriminated against. Heritage Foundation actively promotes discrimination against LGBTQ people every single day.

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