Saturday, June 6, 2020

Holy Crap - I Have Been Invited to Join the "Trump 100 Club"

I am so pleased to be one out of 100 in the “entire nation.”
Donald Trump
The Trump reelection campaign mirrors the inherent dishonesty of their candidate. Recently, they have been pushing a 5:1 matching contribution which would violate campaign finance laws. Two days ago there was this:
The National Review was deliberately misquoted. Campaign staffers — individuals as opposed to the campaign — donated money to The Minnesota Freedom Fund which provides bail for indigent defendants. The fund is opposed to cash bail on principle.

The text in that email goes on to falsely claim:
Sleepy Joe Biden’s campaign is so RADICAL that they are working to get dangerous ANARCHISTS out of jail at the cost of Americans’ safety.
I am reminded that, at the same time, Trump and his cronies have been working diligently to keep Michael Flynn out of jail. Flynn confessed — twice — and he endangered our national security. Trump is trying to prevent the cooperation that was part of Flynn's plea agreement.
Today's missive is especially special:
I’m pleased to present you with this invitation to join the Trump 100 Club.

I’ve only selected 100 Patriots in the entire Nation to join this prestigious club, and YOU are one of them.

Trump 100 Club Members are going to be the ones I turn to when I need the advice of the American People. I’ll be counting on your feedback to represent the views of millions of voters.

I need my loyal supporters like YOU to be my eyes and ears around the Country, and I need to know that I can rely on you these next few months.
The above was sent to a persona that subscribes to propaganda generated by the religious right. Obviously, he does not exist. It means that the religious right is aiding the Trump campaign by sharing their mailing lists.

The truly sad part of this is the abject cynicism. The Trump campaign knows that some people will actually believe this bullshit. They think that they will become advisers to the president of the United States. These useful idiots define an important part of Trump's base.

Donald Trump reminds me of Jeffrey Epstein. For years Epstein got away with multiple frauds and raping countless underage girls. Epstein thought that he was untouchable; insulated from accountability through wealth and contacts.

Trump has come to believe that he can lie his way out of any situation. He has been acting like this his entire life. Trump is a narcissistic sociopath. He has neither a conscience nor empathy.

Trump has a history of decades of dishonesty. Standard operating policy at Trump Org is not to pay contractors. Then, when they complain, they are told that their work was substandard. They are coerced into settling for a fraction of what is owed them.

People like Epstein and Trump are exceptionally skillful at identifying vulnerable people. Trump could not find Ukraine on a map but he knows what his base wants to hear and he knows how to frame the message.

Trump is a virtuoso con man. He knows how to deal three-card Monte. He also knows how to recruit and manage the shills.

People tend to believe what they want to hear regardless of how unlikely it is that what they are hearing is true. We are all guilty of selective observation; counting the hits while dismissing the misses. It is part of human nature.

However, at some point the dishonestly catches up with most people who think that they are above the law. It caught up with Jeffrey Epstein. Trump? Perhaps. If he is not reelected there is a pretty good chance that he will be indicted.

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