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I Have Run Out of Synonyms for Deceit

What these sanctimonious hypocrites should do is to get on their knees and pray for forgiveness for their willful ignorance and bigotry.
Greg Burt circa 2018
via Fox/YouTube
Dishonest, deceitful, mendacious, equivocation, fraudulent, untruthful, whatever. The holier-than-thou set has little problem lying through their teeth. Apparently, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor” has a literal meaning. It only applies to the folks living directly on the other side of one's property line.

According to American Family Association: Both parties silently supporting dangerous proposal. The subtitle reads:
A family advocate is concerned that the California Legislature is moving forward with a bill that would use taxpayer money for surgeries that would permanently destroy the patients' ability to have children.
That “family advocate” is Greg Burt of the California Family Council and he is referring to gender-affirming therapies. Does anyone believe — for a second — that Mr. Burt gives a rat's ass about the wellbeing of transgender people?

Or is the more likely explanation that Mr. Burt, an anti-LGBTQ bigot with a history, has found yet another vehicle to discredit and marginalize transgender people? We can be virtually certain that Greg Burt has a religious objection to the existence of transgender people.
Greg Burt of the California Family Council explains that Assemblyman Miguel Santiago's bill (AB 2218) would establish a fund to provide cross-sex hormones for minors and adults and sex-change operations for adults. The measure passed in the Assembly without debate.
Okay. So what? Greg Burt proceeds to demonstrate his remarkable ability to read the minds of others:
"Democrats don't speak up and defend the bill because they fear that that'll actually prompt a real debate and they'd have to actually defend these damaging treatments," Burt poses. "Republicans -- they aren't hearing from their constituents, and [they think], If I don't see a big outpouring of public outrage, why am I going to stick my neck out?"
Debate what exactly? Gender-affirming therapy has the overwhelming support of the medical community based upon a large body of research. Debate with whom? Here is what debate would look like:
Expert: There exists a substantial body of evidence that, with gender-affirming care, transgender people have levels of anxiety and depression that are at, or close to, the general population. The potential for self-harm is vastly reduced.

Greg Burt et al: So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
Burt points out that these taxpayer-funded treatments would damage healthy body tissue, sterilize the recipient, and cause irreversible damage.
Does Mr. Burt sport an “M.D.” after his name? Does anyone really believe that Burt cares about anything other than scripture? The arrogance of these people is just stunning. Medical care is based upon the judgment of clinicians and their patient (including parents if the patient is a minor).

Mr. Burt is not qualified to make any judgments about medical care. Furthermore his advice is unsolicited and never will be solicited. If he has children then Burt should worry about their medical care and no one else's.

As if to prove that Greg Burt is a mindless schmuck:
"These treatments wreck and permanently destroy reproductive systems forever," he reiterates. "A lot of these [gender-confused] kids are being persuaded that this is the right thing to do."
Presumably one of AFA's resident idiots, Bob Kellogg, added the “gender-confused” bullshit as if it is not a real medical condition or to pretend that gender dysphoria is just an inconvenience that can be “cured” by unconfusing someone.

Greg Burt is a liar. It is highly unlikely that he has ever spoken with a gender-incongruent child or adolescent. Greg Burt cannot support so much as one child or adolescent, let alone the quoted “a lot.” If he did speak with one of these kids he would know that they are not being “persuaded” to do anything.
This is all part of a dishonest agenda
The Christian right wants to scare parents away from consulting with experts on juvenile gender dysphoria. The narrative goes something like this:
“Oh if you take your kid to one of those evil doctors your child will be convinced that he or she is transgender. They will become transgender and ruin their lives with dangerous hormones and then surgery.”
The objective is to prevent people from being transgender in an attempt to conform their world to ancient texts. They do not care about the consequences of their actions.

Bob Kellogg is determined to demonstrate his intellectual shortcomings:
He hopes that parents will begin to speak against this bill while it is in the early stages of the legislative process.
The only parents who have standing are those with an affected child. They would be in favor of this bill.

The rest are religious busybodies. What these sanctimonious hypocrites should do is to get on their knees and pray for forgiveness for their willful ignorance and bigotry.

By the way, the headline at California Family Council's website is: Without Blinking an Eye, California Passes Bill to Fund Sterilizing Kids. That is like saying, in regards to a bill funding chemotherapy research: “California passes bill to make kids violently nauseous.”

Greg Burt should find a more lucrative hobby. In 2018 the executive director of California Family Council was paid $93K. The other four employees, including Greg Burt, divied up $84K.

Although not properly disclosed on the organization's tax return, California Family Council controls California Family Alliance which has annual revenues less than $50,000.

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