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Mad Mat Staver on Adoption

At the core of his beliefs, Hate Group Leader Mat Staver is a Christian supremacist.
Mat Staver
Is Mad Mat Staver America's dumbest lawyer?
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Hate Group Leader, Mat Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, has taken a hiatus from gay bashing while he fights for the rights of Christian parishioners to get sick, die and infect others during a pandemic. Staver returns to LGBTQ matters at the blog of another hate group, American Family Association:
After Philadelphia passed an ordinance, the city canceled contracts with faith-based agencies that deal with the best interests of the children.

"In that state, they want to force these adoption agencies to go against their Christian mission and doctrine by placing children in same-sex households," details Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel. "The religious, particularly the Catholic ones in this particular case, refused to do so."
Those agencies do the work of the state with taxpayer funds. There is no fundamental “right” to discriminate because some palace eunuch at the Vatican doesn't approve of gay people.
Who is it who keeps insisting that Staver is the dumbest lawyer in America?
So they filed suit in federal court, and the case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court, which will have the task of deciding whether faith-based organizations are protected by the Constitution. On that note, Staver points to the First Amendment.
Not so fast Mad Mat. We have a considerable body of jurisprudence — including Reynolds v. United States (1879) and Employment Division v. Smith (1990) — defining Free Exercise as the freedom to believe and worship as one chooses. A religious duty does not override valid law and there are no religious exemptions to valid laws.

People can worship rotten turnips for all I care. Their dogma can include a requirement to view people with blue eyes as evil. They can insist that the blue-eyed demons should submit to eye-color conversion therapy. That's not a license to discriminate against B-Es when applicable law prohibits such conduct.

Imagine the outcry if Jews discriminated against people who did not keep kosher. God hates roast pork on garlic bread.
"The Pennsylvania government has literally chosen their ideology to push over the well-being of children while ignoring religious freedom," he laments. "The good news is that the Department of Justice -- the highest law enforcement office of the country -- has sided on the religious liberty side of these foster care and adoption placement Christian faith-based organizations."
It is just so unfair that the Southern Poverty Law Center thinks that Liberty Counsel is a hate group.

Equal Protection and nondiscrimination do not constitute an “ideology.” The belief that children are best served by having conservative Christian parents is part of an ideology. The belief that LGBTQ people are inferior is part of an ideology. The belief in conversion therapy is part of an ideology. Staver's numerous superstitions are part of an ideology.

The well-being of children is best-served when the pool of adoptive and foster parents is not diminished by irrelevant requirements. The consensus of science is clear and overwhelming. Children raised by gay couples are not disadvantaged in any way whatsoever over those raised by opposite-sex couples.

Mat Staver is a Christian supremacist. My guess is that Staver is none too pleased about the placement of children in Muslim, Jewish, atheist and Hindu homes irrespective of the qualifications of the adoptive or foster parents.

As for the DOJ: That can be fixed in November and the DOJ sided against LGBTQ people in Monday's decisions from the Supreme Court regarding workplace discrimination.

Nondiscrimination in adoption and foster care should be even more compelling. It is done with public money and children are better served without discrimination. If Catholic adoption agencies simply cannot cope … no one is forcing them to provide these services and there are plenty of alternatives for the state.

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