Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Ryan T. Anderson Had a No Good, Horrible, Awful, Terrible, Pissy Day

Ryan T. Anderson
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Ryan T. Anderson, Defender of the Faith, closeted queer and Heritage Foundation staffer is displeased with the United States Supreme Court. In a Heritage Foundation press release, Anderson is quoted saying:
“The Supreme Court got it wrong. The word ‘sex’—still today and when Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964—refers to our biological reality as male or female. It doesn’t refer to our sexual orientations or gender identities.

“In fact, Congress has repeatedly rejected legislation that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes in federal law. The Supreme Court has simply legislated from the bench. This is pure judicial activism.

“Today’s ruling will have severe consequences for the privacy, safety, and equality of all Americans. The Court has rewritten our civil rights laws in a way that will undermine protections and equal rights of women and girls. It will also expose employers that are struggling to recover from the coronavirus pandemic to significant liabilities.

"Congress has not legislated such an outcome and it was wrong for the court to usurp lawmakers’ authority by imposing such an extreme policy on our nation.”
Anderson has chutzpah to warn people of “severe consequences for the privacy, safety, and equality of all Americans.” Privacy and safety refer to bathroom wars, particularly with respect to women's facilities.

It is the hateful and absurd suggestion that transgender women pose a threat to cisgender women in spite of the fact that there is no evidence that any transgender woman has ever harmed a cisgender woman in a bathroom.

I cannot fathom whose equality is in peril due to the ruling. Quite the contrary. Ryan T. Anderson is just not terribly smart. When the world does not align with the catechism of the Catholic Church, Anderson is easily flustered as is vividly evident.

Were Anderson smarter he would not have trotted out the nonsense about liabilities. What Anderson is resorting to is a very tired cliché that nondiscrimination rules should not be implemented because it will lead to an enormous number of lawsuits for large amounts of money.

Don't discriminate and you won't get sued. Anderson doesn't see it that way.

Underpinning Anderson's trite warning is the notion that people have a religious duty to discriminate. Were that the case then no company owned by a conservative Christian could ever hire a Jew or Muslim. No company owned by an orthodox Jew could hire a gentile lest they risk someone introducing “treif” into the lunchroom.

Anderson is claiming that employers are obliged by religious teachings to make employment and promotion decisions not based on workplace performance. That is just not how the real world works.

Ryan T. Anderson doesn't get that because he has never had any real responsibility to hire, train and supervise employees. Some of these people who work for nonprofit advocacy groups have never held a real job.

Anderson would have us go back to:
Help wanted - No [    ] need apply

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