Monday, June 1, 2020

Trump Treats Supporters Like Morons

Donald Trump
Monday, the money-beg by Trump's reelection campaign includes the following:
For a limited time, President Trump has authorized a 500%-MATCH on your next contribution made toward our May End-of-Month GOAL.
  1. So-called matching contributions are almost always a scam.
  2. Trump does not get to “authorize” a matching contribution unless he is providing the funds.
  3. Does anyone think, for a moment, that Trump is making a 5:1 contribution out of his pocket?
  4. Not to mention the fact that it is June 1.
The counter-argument is that Trump is desperate. If Trump is reelected the statute of limitation on obstruction of justice will expire. The Mueller report explicitly stated that, were Trump not a sitting president, he would face indictment for obstruction.

According to the campaign, they are seeking to raise $6 million which would then mean $1 million from supporters and $5 million from Orange Man. Does he have that kind of money?

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