Monday, July 20, 2020

Janet Boynes is STILL Very Crazy

The ex-gay whack job continues to embarrass herself.
Janet Boynes
Janet Boynes is not just nuts. She has the diminished intellectual horsepower of a mouse on a treadmill. Boynes once advocated for Disney to include “ex-gay” TV characters. Boynes, according to her own book, is actually bisexual.

On Monday, Boynes is terribly upset with former NBA player Dwyane Wade over Wade's acceptance and support of his transgender daughter. Never mind that Boynes knows nothing about gender dysphoria (she has neither training nor experience), it never occurs to her that she should mind her own business.

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
gives way to:
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
which, according to Christian literalists, means that transgender people must not exist. Thus, behold the batshit:
I am tired of Dwayne Wade exploiting his son, Zion. We have black athletes like basketball player Dwayne Wade, who is a father, and I'm sure he thinks he's a great dad, but I beg to differ.

You aren't a great dad when you are turning your son into a girl. A great dad wouldn't be turning his son, born a male named Zion, into a daughter who now would like to be called Zaya. And then would like to be addressed with pronouns she and her instead of him and his.
First of all, Mr. Wade's first name is Dwyane, not Dwayne. Boynes would know that if she took a moment to find out a bit about Wade.

Secondly, who is Boynes to judge Mr. Wade's parenting skills? Furthermore, it should be perfectly obvious that Wade did not turn his son into his daughter. It is a certainty that 12-year-old Zaya has been thoroughly evaluated by a number of clinicians. Zaya does not require Boynes' approval or evaluation. She — not her father — is responsible for transitioning.

Furthermore, if Boynes knows anything about Dwyane Wade, she would know that Wade is a devout, pious Christian who has tithed (donated 10% of his earnings to a church) throughout his career. In addition to the donations to the church, Wade is well known as a philanthropist. Mr. Wade does not require religious instruction from Boynes.

The crazy becomes spectacularly stupid:
Instead of Mr. Wade wanting to teach Zion how to be a man, he has decided to transition him into a woman. This is a problem because when a child turns 21, he or she could change their mind about their gender and then what? We are hearing about thousands of men and women who would like to de-transition back to the gender God created them to be from their mother's womb.
To support her contention, Boynes links to a YouTube video from someone named Arielle Scarcella who seems to be a lesbian who, in a quest for more attention, has become a right-wing, Trump supporting social media presence. Neither Boynes nor Scarcella provide evidence to support their contention that thousands of people detransition or over what period of time or as a percentage or as any meaningful metric.

The reality is expressed by the following (emphasis added):
In a 2015 survey of nearly 28,000 people conducted by the U.S.-based National Center for Transgender Equality, only 8 percent of respondents reported detransitioning, and 62 percent of those people said they only detransitioned temporarily. The most common reason for detransitioning, according to the survey, was pressure from a parent, while only 0.4 percent of respondents said they detransitioned after realizing transitioning wasn’t right for them.
In other words, detransitioning is very uncommon. From there we go to the abjectly absurd:
The No. 1 issue facing the Black community isn't just racism, it's father absence. It all starts with the breakdown of the family. We know that Dwayne Wade's mother, JoLinda, was in prison and was raised by his biological father. Could this be the reason he chooses to help transition his son, because he was never taught how to be a father himself by his dad?
None of the above has even the slightest relevance to the gender dysphoria experienced by Wade's daughter.

Boynes continues with that theme and then devotes several more paragraphs to scriptural references as if scripture is also relevant to a medical condition. She ultimately nears conclusion with:
Too many of our children are being sexualized and, in the process, they are being groomed for pedophiles and sex trafficking. Transgenderism is normalized and our children are taught that sexual identity is fluid instead of biologically based. Too many times they are being told they can be a boy today and a girl tomorrow. Our identity is who Gods says we are.
I could probably “earn” oodles and oodles of money if I claimed to be a Christian convert who became heterosexual. Then I would write articles condemning LGBTQ people for The Federalist and Christian media outlets. I could possibly make an appearance on Fox News and appear on a Heritage Foundation panel.

I prefer to be who I really am.

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