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The Religious Right Idolize Putin for His Homophobia

Vladimir Putin
Shedding the last vestiges of legitimacy, Vladimir Putin is now president of the Russian Federation through 2036. Putin will probably engineer an extension at that time. The religious right are drooling admirers of his bigotry towards LGBTQ people.
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Monday, Martin Bürger's story is titled Russian President Putin mocks US embassy for flying gay pride flag. Be assured that Mr. Bürger is gushing over — not ridiculing — the president of the Russian Federation.

According to Bürger:
Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that a “gay pride” flag flying at the U.S. embassy in Moscow indicates the people working there are homosexuals.

When Putin was told during a televised video conference that the U.S. embassy had a pride flag hanging from the front of its building to celebrate Pride month in June, he asked, “Who works in this building?” When the president was told “Americans,” he responded, “Let them celebrate.”
Putin most assuredly knows that “this building” is the United States embassy. Presumably even Vladimir Putin knows that Americans are among those who work at an American embassy.

Furthermore, chances are pretty good that nearly 5% of all the people working at that embassy are LGBTQ people. For that matter, nearly 5% of the people working at the Kremlin are LGBTQ people.

Oppression does not make gay people straight. Oppression does not turn transgender people cisgender. Neither Vladimir Putin nor Martin Bürger seem to realize that Russia's repressive anti-LGBTQ laws have no effect on anyone's sexuality.

Here is proof of the stunning ignorance of both men:
During a video conference on Friday, Putin also said “we passed a law banning the propaganda of homosexuality among minors. So what? Let people grow up, become adults and then decide their own destinies.”
Putin is a cynic. Putin is playing to his country's powerful Russian Orthodox Church and the rural majority of the populace. Bürger defines truth as the teachings of the Catholic Church.

If the Vatican proclaims that red-haired people are demons, Bürger is on board. He will toil to “prove” that red-haired people are demons. Bürger left his common sense on a pew somewhere many years ago.
“Special rights:”
Ambassador John J. Sullivan, who went to a Catholic high school, commented, “LGBTI rights are human rights. And human rights are universal. It’s as simple as that.” He did not explain why homosexuals and people claiming to be a member of the opposite sex need special rights they don’t already have as human beings.
As you can see, Martin Bürger is not terribly original in his rhetoric. He also indulges in the logical fallacy of begging the question. Mr Bürger does not really believe that LGBTQ people are human beings in the true sense of those words.

Dead Heaven's Gate
Now you know why your local supermarket might have sold its entire stock of Kool-Aid.

I am reliably informed that Nikes are in short supply.

You think those comparisons are unfair? Religious extremism is not piousness. Adherents to fanaticism surrender their independent thinking to the gurus and that defines a cult.

Ambassador Sullivan offers living proof that most people are not like Martin Bürger.

Every religion has its share of irrational zealots. They fly planes into buildings. They also admire one of the most sinister leaders in the world, Vladimir Putin, for his bigotry.

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