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Another Ex-Gay Crackpot With the Same Bullshit

Jessica Newsome
Jessica Newsome | via YouTube
How thrilling! Jessica Newsome provides: Ex-Lesbian: The Truth Behind Conversion Therapy 'Fake News'. I suppose that peer-reviewed articles published to reputable academic journals are Trumpian “fake news.” Presumably the absence of peer-reviewed articles published to reputable academic journals in support of conversion therapy is thus meaningful.

One more time: “We” do not oppose conversion therapy because of aversion practices. We oppose conversion therapy because, even in its most benign form, it is ineffective and harmful. Moreover, at this point conversion therapy only exists to provide a justification for discrimination and oppression.
Here we go, again
We have heard much about the negativity surrounding the approach toward conversion therapy. Attempting to change someone's sexuality from homosexuality to heterosexuality via any type of harsh method should be condemned. Decades ago, methods such as shock therapy, ice-pick lobotomies and behavior modification were used in an attempt to "change" the individual.
It seems to be a requirement for the religious right to offer: “Conversion therapy is harmless because we do not do lobotomies anymore.” Thank you very much! Conversion therapy is harmful in any form. It leads people to believe that they can change; thus they should change.

There is no evidence that people can change. What happens to people when they remain as gay or gender dysphoric as they have always been? There is also built-in aversion methodology because, at its core, the need to change from gay to straight is largely underpinned by shame which is the principal lever of religion.

Newsome has the de rigueur ministry, Love at the Cross. Of course she asks for money. She doesn't get a whole lot of money as evidenced by the fact that she files her tax return by e-postcard.

Newsome claims that she went from gay to straight via a 12-step program. Sexual orientation is not a bad habit. Gay people are not ill and we do not need to be fixed. If Newsome feels that she needs to pretend to be straight to satisfy her religious duties, that's fine. Promoting harmful pseudoscience is another matter.

Sexual orientation is also not a “lifestyle” despite Newsome's idiotic claims to the contrary. Newsome argues that she is all about lllllove. In point of fact her anti-gay antics are an expression of deep-seated hate. She is still a lesbian and, perhaps, she hates herself.

She just doesn't get it. Perhaps she is just a cynic:
In my ministry, and many others with a heavy emphasis on persons struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, this type of ministry is never forced, nor are harsh methods used. Quite to the contrary, it's mostly relaxed conversations about the Bible and personal experiences. There is no pressure to change their sexuality or behaviors. I always tell my mentees, "I'm here for you whether you change or not."
People only struggle with their god-given (if you believe in such things) sexual orientation because of the judgment of others and shame. No matter how “relaxed” the conversation is, it still reinforces the idea that people should change their sexual orientation. And it still lacks evidence that anyone can change their sexuality.

Furthermore, exactly what training does this woman have to mess with people's psyches? She doesn't seem to have so much as a community college associate's degree.
And she chats with her deity
God told me a long time ago that He would bring people to me, people whose hearts He has already spoken to but who just need a little guidance along the way. The personal experiences I share help give clarity to the mentees' specific ups and downs, confusions and concerns.
Confusion describes Jessica Newsome. Confusion applies to LGBTQ people unable to accept their own sexuality; unable to be who they are. Newsome also seems confused about where she is. She claims to be in Texas but the address of her operation is in Fort Mill, SC.

If Newsome actually thinks that she is conversing with her god then she is desperately in need of professional help. Possibly some meds.

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