Monday, August 10, 2020

Brian Brown is So Easily Fact-Checked

International Organization for the Family
Appeals for money from International Organization for the Family (an anti-LGBTQ hate group) bear a striking similarity to those from National Organization for Marriage. Loaded with BS.

The latest missive from Brian S. Brown is titled: planned parenthood petrified. That is doubtful. Combined with all U.S. affiliates, revenues from the most recent tax filings* were $1,834,894,853; assets of $2,485,180,757.

IOF is an assumed name of the Howard Center For Family Religion and Society. In calendar year 2018, Howard Center had revenues of $561,117 and ended the year with assets totaling $67,918. It had a negative net worth at year's end. I don't think that Planned Parenthood has much to worry about.

The text of the email is …, well, “inventive.”
Advocates for abortion have singled out the International Organization for the Family (IOF) for scrutiny, hoping to develop strategies to counteract our work around the globe and attack our credibility with allies. The Sweden branch of International Planned Parenthood has funded a team of consultants to develop what it calls a “qualitative case study” focused directly on IOF and our work in Africa. They hope that the study will uncover new strategies for them to undercut our work and reduce resistance to abortion on the African continent. The consultants’ report is due at Planned Parenthood by the end of this month.
Absent a link, call me a skeptic:
The idea that International Planned Parenthood is specifically focused on IOF seems preposterous. Furthermore, form 990 (annual nonprofit tax return) asks:
Did the organization have aggregate revenues or expenses of more than $10,000 from grantmaking, fundraising, business, investment, and program service activities outside the United States …?
The answer to that question for 2018 was “No” which means that they did not incur at least $10,000 in expenses outside of the United States, let alone Africa.

It seems unlikely that International Planned Parenthood would invest in a strategy to “undercut” whatever it is that IOF does. A fly swatter would do.

Furthermore, no one is an “advocate for abortion.” That is just nonsensical demagoguery. People are advocates for reproductive choice which happens to be the law of the land.

Soros de rigueur
I suppose that everyone needs a good villain. The power of the adversary is thought to depict the power of the target.
This new “investigation” of IOF is tied directly to the shadowy network of groups funded by billionaire George Soros. Planned Parenthood cites “reporting” on IOF from OpenDemocracy, the media platform of the Soros network. Like Soros, the International Planned Parenthood group is concerned about IOF’s effectiveness in stopping the spread of abortion as well as resisting advances of the LGBT agenda, and other issues it derisively refers to as “family values.”
I scarcely know where to begin. As private foundations the Soros charities are not required to file a form 990 but they do; every single year. Every single grant is explained. There is nothing “shadowy” about the Open Society foundations.

If I had Soros' money I might plant my ass on a yacht in the Mediterranean. George Soros chose to give away over $1.1 billion to fund the foundations in 2018. Howard Center made no grants in 2018.

Again, absent a link, I cannot find where Planned Parenthood “cites” anything about IOF:
So what's the point?

* Affiliates have different fiscal years and filing schedules. Some have filed form 990 for 2019. Data for the majority is based on 2018. In other words:
  • PPA Somewhere was on a calendar year basis and filed its 2018 form 990 with revenues of $500.
  • PPA Nowhere has a fiscal year ending June 30 and has filed its 2019 form 990 with revenues of $250
Total revenues per the database (“# select sum(revenue) from …”) would be $750 which is admittedly inaccurate due to the timing differences. Nevertheless, it is a very reasonable estimate.

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