Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Brian S. Brown Must Be Raising a Herd of Bulls in His Back Yard

All of that bovine exhaust must come from somewhere.
Has Brian S. Brown, of National Organization for Marriage, run out of ridiculous reasons for people to donate to NOM? Or, perhaps, people are attracted to part with some money so that NOM can do something which it cannot possibly do, to address a situation which does not exist in order to avert something that doesn't happen.

In any event. Mr. Brown has little respect for the intelligence of his constituency and it seems pretty clear that he has waived a white flag on marriage. Yet, for attempting to sustain the operation, I give Brown credit for persistence. Exactly what NOM actually does (other than asking for money) remains a mystery.

Wednesday, I have received from Brian S. Brown what I think is the fourth iteration of some anti-trans drivel. Perhaps it is repeated because NOM has realized some success from the plea. If that is the case then NOM's supporters are even dumber than Brown thinks they are.

In brief, the appeal is this:
  • Young girls are self-diagnosing their status as transgender
    • They aren't
  • Planned Parenthood provides gender-affirming hormones on demand
    • They don't
  • NOM will stop this (whatever “this” is)
    • It won't
The only thing more absurd than the plea is its verbosity. Here is a tiny sample:
We have now confirmed with independent medical experts that the push behind transgenderism has become so strong that teenage girls are actually able to go into Planned Parenthood and on the basis of their own self-diagnosis, sign an informed consent document and walk out that day with a regimen of testosterone to begin their gender “transition.”
Who is “we?” Who are these “independent experts” and what could they possibly confirm regarding patients that they do not see? The only teenage girls who could obtain hormones from Planned Parenthood are those past their 18th birthday. Before getting hormones, patients are evaluated by a clinician. Typically, youth do not “begin” to transition with hormones. The transition first and then take the hormones.
This is truly shocking. With no independent medical examination, no prior therapy, no mental health evaluation, no physical exam and not even a required medical history, teenage girls are able to leave Planned Parenthood and other clinics with testosterone, a powerful hormone that has the potential to cause life-altering damage to their bodies
Give me a break 
According to Planned Parenthood:
When you check in, let our staff know you are there for transgender services. Please provide your name and pronoun (he or she or they) at the time of check in. This way, when you are called back to meet with the clinician, your correct name and pronoun will be used.

When you are called back to meet with the clinician, please be honest about your medical history, sexuality and sexual practices. All services are confidential (except in cases of abuse), so being open with the clinician will ensure that you are receiving the best health care.
PPA provides several different forms of testosterone (usually testosterone valerate, testosterone pentanoate or testosterone cypionate) and each of those are provided in different forms. Thereafter, frequent blood tests are required and those must be evaluated.

For the anal retentive set, the adjective/noun form back yard describes a place. The adjective form, as in backyard barbecue, describes an event.

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