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Focus Affiliate is a Hate Group!

Autumn Leva
Autumn Leva, from Family Policy Alliance, seems to be obsessed with LGBTQ people. She has been a hateful bigot since she was in her 20s. 
via Family Policy Alliance
Family Policy Alliance (FPA) is affiliated with Focus on the Family. Southern Poverty Law Center does not list FPA as a hate group. Nevertheless, FPA traffics in anti-LGBTQ jeremiads. One sure measure of a hate group is the promotion of the idea that LGBTQ people pose a peril to children.

Friday, FPA's Autumn Leva writes: WHAT Happened in School?? Leva is not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier but FPA has a devoted following. Leva was previously with a marriage discrimination group, Minnesota for Marriage. In that role she claimed that gay men were too promiscuous to marry other gay men.

There is always a tragedy:
…some of the saddest situations you’ve shared with us are what your children have been exposed to at school. And we’ve had the heavy responsibility to warn you about what is happening in schools across the nation.
FPA saves the day:
Remember Planned Parenthood’s radical sex education curriculum that they’re pedaling in public schools or now through your children’s phones? We partnered with a diverse coalition to expose the transgender policies being sprung on children in schools, providing parents with a comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing concerns. We’ve helped rally parents to oppose a radical new LGBT curriculum requirement And lately, we’ve been fighting to save girls’ sports from becoming targets in the latest round of political attacks. And so much more.
Aside from not being terribly bright, Ms. Leva is not intellectually honest. The existence of trans kids in school does not pose a threat to other children. There is no evidence to support Leva's claim. She is opposed to the existence of transgender people (children and adults) because they create a conflict with scripture.

Presumably, that “radical LGBT curriculum” means teaching kids that LGBT people have made important contributions. Kids should know that the CEO of perhaps the world's largest company, Apple, is gay. Kids should know that a gay man, Alan Turing, was instrumental in defeating the Nazis in World War II. Kids should know that the first American Woman in space (and prominent physicist), Sally Ride, was a lesbian.

Straight and LGBTQ children both benefit. Straight kids learn that people are not defined by their sexual orientation or gender identity. They learn that being different doesn't mean that someone is bad. LGBTQ kids learn that they are not limited by their sexuality. They can have the same hopes and dreams as their straight peers.

The straight kids are also better prepared for the real world. They will be able to work with, or for, LGBTQ people. They will have more opportunities to succeed because they will not fear working for a company run by a gay or trans person.

What I always want to know is this: What is the perceived peril? Is Autumn Leva promoting the idea that knowing about LGBTQ people might influence the sexuality of children (as preposterous as that is)? Or is she afraid that kids will learn to be less prejudicial? What is your problem, lady?

I had a wonderful career but I would be much happier — to this day — if I knew as a child that I could be openly gay and have unlimited opportunities. I could have accomplished so much more.

Today's kids should not have what was my paranoia. I am forever damaged.
Children need to be protected from LGBTQ people:
Now we’re excited to invite you to attend a virtual event: The Protecting Children in Education Summit.
Bound to be a hatefest:
Family Policy Alliance® is joining with our friends at The Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, California Family Council, Family Research Council, Family Watch International, and Massachusetts Family Institute to provide this first-ever event for parents and grandparents.
Some hyperbolic demagoguery:
The first session will alert parents to state and federal—and even international—efforts to sexualize children using school curriculum. The second session will expose the curriculum itself and how it fails to meet legal standards.
Knowing about gay people and accommodating transgender kids doesn't sexualize children! Claiming otherwise is offensive bigotry.

A few decades ago, the same people didn't want children to know that Jewish people were not agents of Satan. The same people did not want children to know that Black people were not obsessed with raping white females. They were bigots then and they are bigots now.

Furthermore this reeks of Christian Privilege. Public schools are constitutionally required to be secular institutions. Despite protestations to the contrary, the Establishment Clause means precisely what it says.

The propagandists will hold their delusional, paranoid seminar. The result is that attendees will be more hateful, more bigoted, less curious and less knowledgeable. Sexuality is not contagious but the same cannot be said of hate. These people will attempt to pass their despicable prejudices onto their children. Their kids deserve better.

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