Monday, August 24, 2020

If This is Not the Stupidest Thing I Will See Today, It Will Be Close

Twila Brase
The self-absorbed Twila Brase
via YouTube
According to American Family Association:
Twila Brase, president of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom, has launched a "Face Freedom" campaign that encourages people to go without a mask on Fridays.

"On Face Freedom Friday, just take a picture of you or whoever you're with without a mask and then send it around your social network with #FaceFreedom," Brase said on American Family Radio's "Sandy Rios in the Morning" program. "We need to move this country back to freedom of their faces, freedom to breathe, freedom to speak -- all of this without a barrier -- freedom to see each other's expressions, freedom to communicate."
Freedom to make other people sick. Freedom to be a self-centered schmuck.

American Family Association is an anti-LGBTQ hate group.

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