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Ralph Reed Claims Massive Voter Fraud When People Vote Twice

Just a reminder that Ralph Reed Reed secretly accepted payments from Jack Abramoff to lobby against Native American casino gambling to generate fees for Abramoff from those same Native Americans.
Ralph Reed
via C-Span
Wednesday, an email from Ralph Reed of Faith and Freedom Coalition is titled: Hijacking education. According to the email:
2020 is a flight for the soul of our nation.

Right now, the things you and I cherish about America — pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-life values — are at risk of slipping from our grasp.

Radical leftists are rallying in the streets, working to topple and forever replace the history of our nation, and threatening to dismantle the foundation on which our country was built.
The above is the usual nonsensical blather. Then Reed goes off on vote-by-mail. After an analysis of various states:
California and Vermont are taking this a step further and will automatically send ALL VOTER BALLOTS directly to registered voters. Imagine the amount of voter fraud that’s possible when folks send in a mail-in ballot -- and then show up on Election Day to cast a vote as well!
Now the penalty for voter fraud is a heavy fine and up to five years in prison. Why would anyone risk going to prison in order to vote more than once? According to a December, 2016 article in the Washington Post:
As of writing, there are four demonstrated examples of people committing voter fraud during the 2016 general election. That's 0.000002 percent of the ballots cast in the race for the White House — if they counted, which they won't. (And it's including the mayoral fraud in Florida.)
According to the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law:
There are a handful of known cases in which pollbook entries and absentee or provisional ballots stubs indicate that one individual has actually voted twice. These cases are extremely rare, in part because the penalty (criminal prosecution) is so severe, and the payoff (one incremental vote) is so minimal.

It is far more common, however, to see allegations of epidemic double-voting that are unfounded. …
And (emphasis added):
Based on a meticulous review of elections that had been investigated for voter fraud, the Brennan Center found miniscule incident rates of ineligible individuals fraudulently casting ballots at the polls – no more than 0.0025 percent. Numerous reports have confirmed our finding that voter fraud is exceedingly rare. Research shows that voter fraud is similarly rare with mail ballots.
Even Donald Trump has conceded that it's fine to vote by mail in Florida but he is suing in Nevada. The difference? Florida has a Republican governor; Nevada has a Democratic governor.

Trump is probably scared that requests for mail-in ballots in Florida by Democrats are swamping those by Republicans. Former VP Biden has about a five point lead in the Florida polls.

Reed continues sanctimoniously:
The margin of error in this election will be massive -- and unprecedented. To combat it, we must ensure that pro-family, pro-life, pro-religious liberty candidates win at all levels of government by significant margins. The anti-family left will use any excuse to throw an election into chaos -- so we must not leave any victory in doubt!
Then he reveals the real fear: People voting while Trump's approval is in the crapper. I doubt that it is going to get much better but I supposed that Conservative Christians will pray for a different outcome:
We must continue raising critical funds so that our 17,500 field workers can reach our goal of making contact with 12.5 MILLION conservative Christian voters before mail-in and absentee ballots reach homes. Only then can we ensure victory for our shared values.
In other words, if they can prevent people from voting early then there is still the potential to persuade them to vote for Trump and the self-righteous set.

 Ralph Reed doesn't have standing to complain about potential fraud. Jack Abramoff engaged Reed to create an anti-gambling campaign by U.S. Family Network, the Christian Coalition, and Focus on the Family in order to frighten the tribes into spending as much as $82 million for Abramoff to lobby on their behalf.

If Trump loses in 2020 it will not be because of voter fraud. It will be because Trump is possibly the worst president in the history of this country. We are worn out from the tedious daily drama by someone who seems to watch TV all day.

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