Friday, September 11, 2020

Bewilderment is a Transmittable Condition Among Hate Group Leaders

Porno Pete interprets a poll backwards.
Peter LaBarbera

“Porno Pete” (Peter LaBarbera) informs is that a poll by a conservative Christian organization demonstrates that its constituency does not approve of transgender persons.

It's all good for The Peter: Evangelical Support for Radical Gender Ideology Plummeting – But One in Five Still Reject the Bible’s Teaching on Gender: Ligonier Poll.

Well, “shit!” My trans friends will be profoundly disappointed by this unsettling development. First, however, they are going to have to figure out what “radical gender ideology” means. Details, schmetails. Why focus on minutiae?

No help from Pete:
… the percentage of respondents who “strongly disagreed” with the statement, “Gender identity is a matter of choice” rose from 54 percent to 67 percent. The percentage who “strongly agreed” fell from 24 percent to 15 percent in the same period.
Is that not the exact opposite of what LaBarbera initially claimed? Two-thirds of the most conservative Christians around “strongly” accept the simple scientific fact that gender identity is not a choice. Only 15% believe otherwise.

Were Pete not around we would have to invent him.

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